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15 March 2004 @ 04:15 pm
I <3 the 80s! Well, the music at least. ^_^  
Sunday was so much fun! I haven't been out in that much sun for a while! Well.. I guess the Renaissance faire last weekend qualifies as a lot of sun, but really.. ^_^; nah. This was a lot more.

I went with athenazandrite, hitokiri_naveed, and two of their bandmates (Dwayne and Jeff) to the Live@The Lake concert in Tempe Beach Park yesterday. Dr. Ruth, an 80s cover band, was playing. They were really awesome!!! The lead singer reminded me of Ryuichi in a way, how he looked about fifteen up on stage, but was really in his thirties. XD They were all really, really good! O_O The singer was just... very very nice vocally, and I was also really impressed by the keyboardist! If I was in a band, I would want to be the keyboardist. <3 to pianos! It was really hot out yesterday, (early 90s? I think), and I was afraid I'd get a sunburn, but we put on lotion so I just got a marginal bit darker was all. We had hats and sunglasses too so it was all good. ^_^ I think I'll see if they want to go next Sunday too to see the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra.. this time, we can bring sandwiches and snacks! =^__^= All in all, it was really relaxing and really fun! ^^ It reminded me a lot of the times that I used to go to these kinds of things back in Richland with my mom. I thought they were stupid then... but hey, I was little, what did I know? ^^ They're fuuuuun! I had a blast, and was really relaxed, and the music rocked! What more could I ask for? ^_^ LOL and I almost forgot.. Athy and I RPed in my sketchbook for most of the concert. LOL Veeeeery interesting, especially when Dwayne wanted to see what we were writing. >=D It was just Nagi and Marie and wasn't even smutty at all (too bad.. must change that! >XD), but I nearly did show him some of the drawings in there. XD *grins* There's some semi-naughty things in it!

Ooooooh, and it looks like lovely zealousceles is interested in one of the kittens! Yay! I told her I'd let her come and visit them soon, but not until they were a wee bit older. ^^ They're not even a week old yet, I think they need a little bit more time to grow. XD But they're getting bigger by the day!!! ^_____^ As soon as I find the cord for my camera, I'm going to upload the pictures that I took of them. ^__^ Waii, kittens!

*hugs to soundsoft_elvy* who is working hard to get ready for graduation. Ganbare! You can do it!!!!

Oh, and I started running again yesterday! Yay me! Back to homework!