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13 March 2004 @ 12:48 pm
Yoinked from sylabney.. if anyone fits that, let me know! ^.^;; Keep in mind, that's my ideal person.... >_> Doubt they exist.
The Perfect Somebody
HTML for this survey can be found online:
- http://adrian.ziemkowski.com/livejournal/survey.php


- Your sex: Female
- Sex of that perfect somebody: Female
- Your age: 23
- Their age: Anywhere reasonably near mine
- Your planned degree(s): Media Arts and Animation. X_x (don't want anymore, really)
- Their planned degree(s): It doesn't matter.


- Do they smoke? HELL NO
- Do you smoke? Of course not
- What kind of vehicle do they drive? Doesn't matter
- Are they on top of world events and politics? They should be reasonably versed. It's good to keep informed but you don't have to obsess.
- Did you vote in your nation's last big election? Yes. What does that have to do with it?
- How religious are they? NOT at all
- When they disagree with you, they: love to debate for fun, but we compromise
- Traits you love: Friendly, optomistic, and a dreamer. The last is really important.
- Traits that get to you: Too opinionated, too wishy-washy. Hateful, spiteful, too pessimistic


- If they were an athlete, in what Olympic event would they compete? I wouldn't want them to be an athlete.... Casual sports is fine, like just with friends..
- What commercial sport would they want tickets to watch? Ice skating is probably the only thing.
- If they won a free accessory/upgrade to their vehicle, they would get: a custom paint job!!! =^_____________^= To paint clouds and rainbows on their car or something!
- Their favorite computer accessory? The tablet. >=D
- If they took you to a concert, it would be of: Some hot foreign gay boy band. >=D
- Would they take you to a museum or theme park? Either. They'd like both. ^__^ And they have to love rollercoasters!
- Cats or dogs? Both ^^
- If they play one instrument, it would be: Any is fine. ^^ Except drums..........
- Their dream job might be: A photographer for National Geographic
- Your dream job? The same XD


- Do you want children and if so, how many? Only if I adopt of she has them... Maybe one or two, but no more.
- Who would be their primary care provider? Equality, baby!
- The greatest thing about kids: That they have imaginations ^^
- The worst thing about kids: Too much work! X_x
- Would you buy them a car? If I had the money and they deserved it, sure.
- Would you pay for college? Yes, definitely. Unless they're just partiers.
- Would you or your somebody be the primary financial provider? Me! Seriously, I would like it to be equal.... I don't want to support someone else forever. X_x Kids are the exception.
- Divorce is... I'd rather not, but if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.


- Three adjectives that describe you: Cheerful, optomistic, imaginative
- Three adjectives that describe them: Cheerful, optomistic, imaginative
- Do they prefer to relax or stay busy? Must relax! Though being busy is okay to a point. ^^
- Their goals in life are dynamic, realistic, or impossible? Dynamic and impossible both. I believe that the impossible is possible and they should too.
- Do they prefer spontaneous or well planned? Both ^^
- Do they sing in the shower? XD yeah!
- Introvert or Extrovert? Mmmm... a happy medium.
- What is difficult to get from them; together time or time apart? I want a happy medium.


- What skin tone is your perfect somebody? Doesn't matter
- Describe their hair: Preferably long, though it doesn't really matter.
- How tall (or short) are they? Somewhere around my height, either taller or shorter it doesn't matter.
- What shape are they (eg. petite, athletic, burly, or like a bouncer)? Thin, but not well-built or burly or athletic... Just like me would be best. ^.^;;
- Piercings: Ears only, or maybe belly button.. NOTHING else.
- Tattoos: I dunno.... maybe a tiny one somewhere.. maybe.
- When you look at their face, you quickly notice... Their smile. ^_^
- The perfect eye color: Doesn't matter
- _You_ would go to a Renaissance Faire dressed as: A fairy ^__^
- _They_ would go to a Renaissance Faire dressed as: A fairy too! or an elf
- They prefer mountain biking, rollerblading, or skate boarding? *shrugs*

Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum? (United States)

brought to you by Quizilla

Holy crap.. that's a total surprise for me, since I thought that I would have been a far left liberal, considering that I
-Fully support abortion as long as it's not partial-birth. It's your body, your choice. ^^ Of course, that choice should really be made before the last trimester. XP
-Fully support gay and gay rights. >_>
-Fully support the separation of church and state. No ten commandments anywhere but the church, thankyouverymuch. That's where they belong.

I'll have to reevaluate what conservative and liberal is, I suppose.... I've never really thought about it before, I just had the broad opinion that conservatives are the bible-pushers back east that stand for everything that I don't want this country to be.... I think I had it wrong.

-As far as other opinions.. I believe in the death penalty, for the right crimes. ^.^; I seriously believe that we should use psychics to determine guilt, but that's just me. ^^;
-I don't really believe in affirmative action. It's sad that we ever needed something like that. I think that maybe it's right, we should apply for schools and jobs without our names, so that our actions just speak for us...... I wish that this stuff wasn't necessary, and we all just didn't discriminate.
-I totally welcome immigrants into the US. All I ask is that they learn our language instead of trying to change the country to speak theirs... >_> And adapt to our customs.. It's totally fine that they bring new customs (I love new excuses to celebrate), but do try to learn the rules of the place where you live.. I wouldn't ever move to a foreign country and not try to learn the common language there, or try to act the same as I would here. X_x Try that in Afghanistan and it'll get you killed.
-..... I don't even know what racial profiling is.......
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