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12 March 2004 @ 01:10 pm
Doki doki doki  
Oh... migod. Seriously, I don't remember the Kaikan Phrase anime being all that great. It was alright, very pretty-boy, yadda yadda yadda. But...................... the manga. That's a TOTALLY different story! I've been waiting for it for a while, kind of curious as to what it would be like since I'd seen a handful of the anime a long time ago.... So I was excited to see both that and Saiyuki at the store last night. (I'd actually went to the store because I'd heard that Saiyuki was out) I took both with me to class because I was late, and Val read Kaikan Phrase while I was working on my assignment. When she gushed over how good it was, I was excited to read it, but I didn't really get just how good it really was until I read it just now..

It's soo..... num!! Words cannot describe this.. Whereas the anime was yaoitastic and all, the manga so far really isn't. It's more... like the english title (Sensual Phrase) says, Sensual. It's a complete shoujo erotic story... made for virgin girls or girls that just like to fantasize in general. Made for girls that have naughty minds and tons of fantasies.. Huh, who me? XD I'll just say.. it made me drool. I'm so rooting for Aine and Sakuya, and even though I'm not really into guys much (except the yaoi sense), it made me want to be Aine. OMG, I soooo wanted to be her... I can't even pick up and read Saiyuki at the moment, I'm just too hot and bothered... >.>

LOL it seems wrong to post this result on this entry. XD Since the entry is so het. XP But hey... I AM a racey yaoi fangirl baby! ^.~ And proud to be one!

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