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08 March 2004 @ 11:58 am
Desktop meme stolen from indirect

Screenshot of my desktop right now.. It's probably really large for people with low resolutions.

1) Why you choose the background color/image you did?
*shrugs* I cycle through my backgrounds every week or so. I can't stay with the same one very long.. This one I love, because it's Fullmoon!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Fullmoon loves me too!

2) Why is your toolbar where it is?
Uhhhhhhhhhhh....... I didn't feel like moving it. I like it at the bottom. ^_^

3) Why the choices on your toolbar are present?
Well.. I only got up a while ago, so not too many things are open.. Just the usual stuff in there -- Outlook Express, which is always open while the computer is on, a few lj pages since I'm (supposed) to be working on an RP with Kyo, my lj friends list (yes, it says "Hi-chan's minions" XD) and of course Photoshop.. O_o Photoshop is one of those things that's always open also. Lessee.. in the tray, we have the lj client that I use, which I'm using right now. XD AIM is there because it was open last night, but it's not connected atm. The Weather Channel thing... yes, that's correct, it's 11 am and 81 degrees outside. X_x The next thing is my Kodak camera software, then getright, my volume control, and lovely winamp, which isn't actually playing atm. It's just sitting there. XD

4) What the desktop icons are?
LOL I'm organized! My computer is my baby, so things are very very organized. Lessee.... My Computer, Recycle Bin, Outlook Express, IE are all normal things for Windows users. (I'm on XP), Movies holds... you guessed it-- movies! XD It says there are.. 664 files. XD It's only 62.2 GB though.. A little over half my hard drive. ^^;; It's so full, I need to burn things off! Next icon, sounds... 13.4 GB in there, 3,025 files... These are all mp3s, whatever is sitting around on my computer at the moment. I tend to cycle through this like crazy too. XP Of course, the obligatory My Documents folder is next, another Windows Standard.... I keep all sorts of crap in here (all organized). There's a ton of manga, my wallpapers, pictures, photos, all of my drawings, etc.... 10 GB in there, 26,592 files.. and they're all organized. ^^;;Hey, I've been keeping that folder for how many years? Around ten. Next icon is where I put my school work when I'm done with it. If I'm working on it I usuallly stick it straight on the desktop. Next folder is where I put all the icons that I'm working on... I should really move it somewhere else, but it's one my desktop for convenience. Next is a shortcut to the Weissdiaries folder that's in my My Docunents folder. It's also there for convenience, since I'm always doing something or other with it. XD Next, a link to japanaradio, which I listen to on occasion. Umm, the top three things on the right.... Just a drawing that I'm (still) working on coloring, a folder with stuff that I'm using for Yohji-kun's journal layout, and random notes to myself.

Whew! That's a lotta nothing! XP