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07 March 2004 @ 08:21 pm
Too.. hot.... *dies* I like warmth, but it's after 8 PM and it's still 77 out.. and the high was almost 90 today. X_x

in other news... doing well... reorganizing room. I'll take pics when it's done! ^^

kinda blah about some things.. Oh, and I had the BEST day at the Renaissance Faire yesterday with Athy and Nav. If I hadn't been struck with EXTENSIVE cramps halfway throught (DAMN PERIOD! I'm still in intense pain every time the excedrin wears off! ^^; ) it would have been a better day. ^^ But I still had a blast.. there are some really awesomely funny performers, which I will plug later if I get a chance. Right now, trying to cool off and go back to organizing. ^^

Oh, and in the Haven, Farfie, you crack me up. XDXDXD Once we win this battle Schwarz should sit around and badtalk Weiss together. Notice I said, "once we win". XD Weiss is going down! *cheers* XD if Nagi dies, though (possible), I have some funny surprises. XD I have some funny surprises in store anyways if I ever get to play them out. Hey, if I'm injured, might as well as come up with things to do that don't take a lot of exertion. XDXD

Yes, cleaning, right. ^^
Current Mood: hot
Current Music: Donna Lewis - I love you always forever