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24 February 2004 @ 11:15 am
Greed Island final  
More more more more more more moooooooooooooooooooooooore!!!!! Give me more HxH!!!!

I just finished watching the first ep of the new OVAs.... Aaah, where is ep 2? (Or ep 80, however you look at it) *scrambles around desperately*

I don't like the new opening song and sequence!!! And there's something about the style in general that irks me, but... *shrugs* It's more HxH!! How could I be unhappy? *bounce* Next episode is the Hunter test!!!!! That marks one year in the show's timeline! Wai!!
Chisotahn / 記録係: my fandom is very shiny.chisotahn on February 24th, 2004 10:20 am (UTC)
Hehe, I really liked it too! Gon and Killua are just so... awesome. :D Mwah!
Muramura_arkaine on February 24th, 2004 10:21 am (UTC)
Good stuff. But yeah, you're right. OP and ED weren't THAT great, but they were okay. (I mainly didn't like the animation in the OP where they show Bisuke, Gon, and Killua just flying around. ^^;;;)

But hey! Like you said, it's HxH! So I can't say I'm disappointed! It feels like forever since I've last seen Gon, Killua and whoever I've grown to love so so much!

I just wish Leorio would come back already! =(
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on February 24th, 2004 11:20 am (UTC)
Yeah!! I wish Kurapica would also show up soon, too.. but if they follow the manga storyline, that means that we'll not only be seeing him, but also FINALLY they tell you what happens to Neon's dad after she lost her powers! *snerks* They never even really lay it out that she lost her powers in the anime, I wonder if I was one of the few that caught that.

XD and not to mention.... nekkid Hisoka. XD XD That's going to be sooooo funny to see! XD

Yeah, opening sucked. ^^; I didn't like the song too much, but... I don't know, it felt like they'd slipped down a peg in the animation dept. ^^;; I usually really like the quality of the HxH openings.
Naveed: squee!hitokiri_naveed on February 24th, 2004 01:13 pm (UTC)
Nekkid Hisoka!!!!!!!!!! >_> Upload it to Athy's server so we can watch it too! XD
Dee: Rosettedeedala on February 24th, 2004 02:52 pm (UTC)
Hehe! You sound like me! I just started watching HxH and I only have 4 episodes. Trying to find episodes on irc is tough... >____<

I <3 Killua XD
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on February 24th, 2004 04:32 pm (UTC)
You should try bit torrent! I've seen all the episodes on it from time to time! ^^
Dee: Sakura Happy!deedala on February 24th, 2004 10:10 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I could prolly find it on bt, but I am spoiled by irc and dont use bt much anymore XD hehe
molokidan on February 24th, 2004 09:00 pm (UTC)
Episode #79 was good, very fast-paced, they skipped over a lot of the 'monster-catching' that took up a few chapters of the manga. The art is kinda sloppy compared to OVA2, though =\. But it's still good!! I love Biscuit's eyes, they still have retained Togashi's style.

bad new about Leorio, though :(. The anime is only around ch. 155 now, and ch. 210 just came out, still no sign of him :((( Kurapica's only had a few cameos, too. But it's great to see new episodes finally come out!!!

(by the way, the fansubbers translated Biscuit's name as "Piske". What's up with that???)