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21 February 2004 @ 01:08 pm
bollocks is my new expletive..  
It's really so much nicer than the evil cuss words that have seeped into my grammar. I vow to use this word to replace the ones that I don't want to use, and make my speech more kid-friendly. XD

I must.. make a drawing. Must. Draw. I know this. When I'm not drawing, it means that I'm down or stressed. And I've definitely been stressed. Buuuuuuut... I'm expecting a lot of the stress to alleviate itself soon. Stress in the form of roommate, really. One way or another, I won't be living with her soon, and that will be totally good for me. Ron asked me to stay in the apartment. Well, I'll say right now that I refuse to stay in any apartment with her in it, period. We're beyond that point now after the charade that she pulled last Sunday. Her little problem with me has blown up wayyyy too much and it's stressing me out. I don't want to live in the kind of environment where I don't feel safe or at home. ^^

Mmmm... XD I feel sorry for Nagi. Sooooooo sorry, it's not even funny. I've been looking for things to do for him after he gets his due.. Bollocks, I don't even know what his due is going to be. It will probably be bad. I was talking with Kyo about possibly having Omi involved. But yeah.. Nagi's really screwed up and one way or another that will have to be fixed. Anyone that wants to take out some aggression on him, let me know and maybe you can have a crack soon. I only draw the line at him dying, permanent disfigurement (no losing limbs, though scars are fine except on his face if possible.. he's too cute!), and I would prefer to keep him from losing his memories.. though if it comes to that, it'd be deal-able.. *huggles on Nagikins* I had a really really good RP with Kyo last night discussing the problems, but it wasn't really intended to be anything, so I don't know if it will fit in. Maybe it will be Nagi's dream or something. I could sooo see him dreaming that.

AX Masquerade Signups are coming up! I'll have my email ready to go ahead of time. XD I can't wait! Our skit is going to rock this year!

I'm stuck in class.. wish that I could be in anime club. >_< Oh well.. next weekend is Matsuri and Elvy and I will be going together!!!! *bounce* I can't wait!! *bounce bounce*

Making possible plans to fly up early for Acen and visit Kyo, Rin and Vik.. and of course spend time with the others in Chicago! Waiiii, I hope that it comes through!!!!! I don't know what I'm going to be doing for cosplay as I may not be able to afford a sewing machine if I stay in this apartment. My rent will double.. but we'll see! ^^ I have costumes that I can bring if that doesn't work out! ^^ I still and debating Nagi, but gave up on the BR. Maybe I'll do something flowy as well.. Rayearth, maybe.. maybe my RO costume, depending on how my daily walk/run has affected my body as of that point. ^^

Edit: got tohma_seguchi's journal ready for the switch in RPs. XD Tohma-muse will be active again, yay! =^__^= illuminesce, can you add his journal to the pr3dilection community? ^^ Domo! ^.^
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