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class on Saturday..

My group members aren't here in class... >.> Which means that I don't have a whole lot to do on my assignment. -_-;; Oh well. I'm going through CDs and picking out the tracks that I want for the background of the commercial. That's about all I'm good for until the models get done and I can help with texturing and stuff. ^^;

I feel like drawing today! I think I'll sit down in my down time here and work on chocokiss. The actual comics. XP I seem to be lacking in them! That's if I can manage it during class..

OMG.. and I tried my hand at actually RPing kaomi_chan last night with Kyou-mun.. playing a fangirl makes my brain hurt, although it was definitely something different! XD RPed this morning with erstaunlichschu, which was very veeeery interesting. Nagi's pulling the wool over his eyes, my total surprise. But it's all because Nagi never technically lied. ^^; XD Well, and Schu has a heart, however small it is. XD

Okay, back to reading Fruits Bas-- err, paying attention to my class.
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