Hi-chan (火ちゃん) (hinoai) wrote,
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)

I need some new icons.

I really do.. ^^ I'll make some after class today I think!

So.. I was a little late to class. Come to find that we need to record some sound files for the commercial that we're doing. No problem, considering that our school has a (supposedly) professional sound studio. Yay for them spending lots of money on it! ^^ But here I come to find... we're not allowed to use this studio.

And nobody has the slightest clue how to.

Oh wait... I pick up this entry an hour later and... we found someone to let us use the studio! Not only that, but run it too! I will have to steal the sound clips later because they were so funny! ^^ Our commercial is going to be really interesting. ^^ It will be neat to see it on TV..

Ohh.... and <3 to the sound studio! It's so professional! I was very impressed with the equipment in it. ^^

Hmm.. what else to say. I went to see the Butterfly Effect and it was the best of the best!! =^__^= OMG I so loved it! It was awfully depressing and I left with the feeling that life is just not as happy as we'd all like to think.. but once that passed I was just in awe over how good it was. Very psychological, and I love the psychological stuff. ^^
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