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Hi-chan (火ちゃん)
16 January 2007 @ 03:42 pm
For the first 8 months of my Tokyo life, I used to work for a company called NOVA. It's kind of notorious in Japan.. not only is it HUGE (biggest english conversation school in Japan), it treats employees like a huge company usually does. Some people have wonderful experiences, and some have terrible (as I did). Despite the varying opinions, I will say two things: Most people get treated like a tiny completely replaceable cog in a wheel (with Nova, true), and many employees say that NOVA stands for "NO VAcation." Also true. Nova's like a plug-and-play system-- basically anybody with half a brain (and eligibility for a work visa) can walk in, be trained for two days and work there. Anyways, I was more than glad to leave them for (somewhat) better things. Anyways.. I HATE NOVA. <-- got that out of my system! :D

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And in case you're not disturbed enough, I drew this the day before yesterday while the internet peoples were here putting in my new hikari-fiber internet (yay for it being cheaper!). I like it, though it disturbs me... (yay for copics though!) Luce is one of my characters that I used to RP a couple of years ago with my darling Trey. Now.... it's my last day of vacation, and I've been summoned to do some more OU artwork. So here I go! =^-^= Don't want to go back to work tomorrow! NO! Kyozetsu suru!