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23 January 2004 @ 02:09 am
Well.. I've spent the night learning how to work a Keenspace account. There's a lot to it, but once I get it all set up the way that I want it, it'll work just like livejournal, and allow me to update it uber-easy. =^__^= That's good! Know what this means? That I should at least be able to get it all up tomorrow. =) I hope so! Of course it might take me a while to get worked up to a regular schedule, but I think that once I settle into something regular, then I'll be pretty good about updating on time. ^^

I'm very happy with the new weissdiaries layout.. and I have new players! A new Tot, plus Botan! ^^ They should intro themselves soon! ^^ I also have plotted a lot, and came up with something rather amusing with Neu-mun that we might use at a later time. XD It involves Masafumi (in a jar! XD) and Nagi... which in itself could be rather scary.

School today was nice. I took a longer walk than usual this morning, and went around down the road. It was a bad idea, because I could just taste the exhaust.. -_-;; Yuck! It made me all nauseous. I'm definitely sticking to the normal walk from now on...

And it's damn late.. I suppose that I'll get going to bed now. But I wanted to play with Sakura... ^_^;; bad me, I'm addicted! Woot it rained last night, I can only hope for a repeat tonight! ^^
Current Mood: blank
long gone with her red shoes on: squee -- allymckealredshoeson on January 23rd, 2004 01:57 pm (UTC)
Yay Chocolate Kiss! ^________^