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I lost my cat.. *blank stare*

Yeah, I can't find Bear.. I hold to my theory that I have bad luck with animals.. Nobody in the aparment has seen Bear yesterday or today, and he didn't turn up to eat in the morning... I am afraid that he's fallen out the window, like Mimiru did.. Tomorrow I am going myself to the office to tell them that we need screens on our windows, since nobody else seems to want to. I went on a walk to look for him, but I don't even know where to begin.. Scoured the apartment, can't find him inside.. I guess that I'll have to put out posters tomorrow. =( Poor Bear.. I don't care if he was a pain for pooing all over the carpet, I still loved him. I'm glad that I took some pictures of him last week. *sigh*

Okay, I need some chocolate to cheer up. so much for working on my homework, I spent all day looking for him...
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