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17 November 2002 @ 04:09 pm
Man! I feel like a woman!!  
Oooooooh!! I just have to release some of this pent up excitement!!

Why am I excited?? This!! ------>

My IDOL!! My favorite woman singer of all time!! She's releasing a new album and it comes out in only two days!! Oooooooooh, I can't wait!! I had to get a second copy of Come on Over a while back because my first one wouldn't play anymore.. ^^;; Ahhh *sigh* She still looks beautiful, and her music completely and totally rocks. ^___^

Shania was the first singer that I'd ever bought concert tickets to. She was amazing in concert, and had the most amazing stage presence! Ahhhh... and ooh, they're playing a special on her on tv!! Waii!!

*pats self* okay okay, must calm down... but Shania is just sooo cool!!
Okay, I give up. *puts on fangirl outfit and runs off to find her old Shania concert memorial book..
Current Mood: ecstatic
Current Music: Shania Twain - Man, I Feel Like a Woman