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mwa ^^

It's so enlightening.. I was trying to find a certain CD (*cough*Britney Spears 'Hit me Baby One more Time"*cough* -- because it's GOOD, and so is the other song on the single, that's only on this single and not on any albums..), which I found the case for but didn't find the CD, and ran across all manner of other CDs that I'd forgotten that I had. *sighs happily* It brings back so many memories, to go back like that.. I'm ripping a bunch of them... The Verve Pipe's 'Villians' CD, a few Bruce Springsteen CDs, Joan Osborne, Jewel, Treasure Quest OST, Donna Lewis, Meredith Brooks, Alanis Morissette, and a score of other old ones.. *sighs* I'm in heaven. XD I found a few other crappy ones too... "Chou Kuseninarisou OST"..... X_x The series was hilarious.. the soundtrack.... not quite so. ^^; ;

As if that wasn't enough... I have PAINTER 8!!!!!!!!! If that isn't enough to send me into fits of orgasmic bliss, I don't know what is!!! *__* My god this program rocks my socks! It seems my 1 gig of memory isn't enough to run some things on it, though.. X_x.... Man how much do you need? ^^;;;; But it's still GOOD!!!!! Oh man.... I'm gonna play with this program all night!!!! *bounces* Wai wai wai wai wai!!!!!!! ^______________^ <-- happy Hi-chan.

Ohh... Did our group presentation for whassitcalled class that I'm in today.. It went alright. ^^ Check one thing off the list! I'm all set for the mock interview class tomorrow too! ^^ As well as the 3D one... Ready to roll! ^.^

Gonna sketch.... I have Xmas cards to finish! ^^ Who wants one? Some of you are on the list by default! I will do most of them electronically (little monies! O_o), but some of them I will mail out! Money permitting! ^^; Seeing alsie in two weeks.. less than two weeks, actually. Score! ^^ Nagi's unhappy right now.. *pets him* I think I'll give him some Omi love for a while before they break up and then pull off the big deed. ^^;;; *dies* bad! Any character in there want to be comforting and maybe score a rebound relationship? XD Maybe... XD Brad said he was dependant, and yeah.. it's true. ^^;

*sings along*
For the life of me, I can not remember
What made us think that we were wise and we'd never compromise
For the life of me, I can not believe
We'd ever die for these sins
We were merely Freshmen..

*poof* In the immortal words of kawaii_gurl, I will return to write again!!

note: redshoeson, can I have your schedule for the week? I want to get together! ^^
athenazandrite and hitokiri_naveed, are you guys free the early afternoon of a week from Friday? (the 19th). I was wondering if I could spend the afternoon with you guys, and then hitch a ride to the airport.. (I fly out at 7 and have no ride) ^^; I'm *cough* baaad. But I really want to see you both before I go! I have (cheap) presents to bribe you with!
mawaruko, we should see each other before I go! Just to hang out or something. ^^ Karaoke, maybe! ^^
kawaii_gurl, want to make our gaia art exchange X-mas presents for each other? Can you get it done by then?
soundsoft_elvy- See you Friday at 10! (10:30, 11:00 you know me. X_x.. *tries to not be late*)

Must call deltethnia, alsie, and Mom, all in the next few days.
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