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02 December 2003 @ 07:18 am
Whee! ^__^  
soundsoft_elvy's quiz. Wai! I'm virtue!! =^___^=

You are probably one of the truest of all the
Heroes here. You do what you do out of the
kindness of your heart, and youre not afraid to
stand up to defend anyones honor. You live by
the laws of your heart rather than the laws of
the land, and often times thats a good thing.
But not everyone thinks the same way that you
do, and youll end up being used and abused, and
sometimes even stomped on by the faces that you
trusted the most. Chin-up and fear not, for you
are the epitome of what everyone else has been
striving to achieve. They only do the things
they do because they admire your courage, your
strength, and your ability to still stand on
your own even when you think you havent a
chance in the end. Its that last shred of hope
and strength that never dies in you. So others
just cant understand what makes you so strong
in your convictions that youll face any
challenge no matter what the odds or the cost.
All this makes you impetuous, hot-headed, and
often irrational tooso chill out and mull the
problem over a little before jumping straight
into battle.

Your Inner Heroic Shadow
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