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That pisses me off to no END! It's not FAIR!

I'm a huge Gackt fan. Gackt will be in VEGAS (driving distance from here) in March!!!!!! But guess what? Only his fucking fan club members are allowed to go! And you have to live in Japan to join the fan club!!!!!!! WHY!?!?!?!?!?! I would join, just so that I could go to his concert in Vegas!!!!! It's not FAIR!

*grumbles* Damn fucking stupid masochistic sons of bitches.. sorry, but it's really pissed me off. I want to go to a concert of his, and here it is only a few hours away, and I can't GO!!?! Because I'm not frigging Japanese!!?!! How unfair is that, it's not like it's in Japan!!! It's in my friggin country!!!

WAH! *cries* I hate you Gackt! Make a concert for US! How dare you come to the US for something big like that and DON'T let us see you! What kind of crap is that!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude. I'll have to stalk him I guess. It's only fair. Anyone wanna come too?
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