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feeling good atm ^^

Whee! There's soooooooooooo much to say.. O_o.. I had a blast at the halloween party at school, and much of it was due to the reactions that Elvy got in her costume! *grins* It was hilarious watching the guys's eyes nearly pop out of their heads when they looked in her direction, and I caught several of them whose gazes were less than hidden. ^_^; shikka was rather obvious in his interest. ^^;;;; LOL though it was funny, and quite entertaining! I'm quite a bit more shy than Elvy was, and was glad not to have the attention. I don't think that I would have had the courage to wear that costume to school, which I commend her for at the very least.^^ But she did look smashing! As did Damien, in his AWESOME completely self-made knight costume! Oh man.. this costume kicked everyone's ASS and he soooo deserved a prize! ^^;; But he was late and so missed the costume contest.. ;__; Wahh.

I took much pictures of the two of them!! *grins*

I reprised my Ayu costume for this, and it was well received, although I got told that I'm too tall to skip like that. ^^;;; LOL but it was... embarrassing, but fun. ^^;

Oh yes, speaking of costumes, zealousceles had the most AMAZING pirate costume! She also pulled off the Captain Jack swagger perfectly! Lauren was her wench, XD. Or so she said! I sooooooo wanted a picture but my camera was dead.. ;__; I had to use Elvy's and Damien's for the pics that I took of them. ^^;; Wahh. Oh well.. I know other people were taking pictures, and I hope to get a few copies from some people! I'lll post them up when I do. ^^

So I loved the halloween party at school! Whee! It inspired me to finish my mage costume, yay! ^^

That was Friday, and then on Saturday, I went over to Athy and Nav's! Much was said and things were caught up on. I think one of my favorite comments of the afternoon was Nav's "so Rachel thinks you did things with Athy.. why not me?" That was more or less it. XDXD Yes, why not? Nav is certainly hot!! *grins* I believe I remain one of the few people that have hugged her without getting beaten up for it! XD *preens and looks innocent* XD While I'm at it, why not a threesome? Or does the incest thing not go with them? ^^ LOL

We all watched movies and ate pizza, in the company of Mark and De'vi. I love them! They're just great, though I take a while to open up to new people. ^^ I'm working on it. ^__^ We planned a bit of our skit for Expo around, or rather threw around misc ideas.. XD It's going to be.... interesting, I think. We might be doing comedy, though either way, I want it to be flashy and pretty. ^^ Yay, pretty! ^^

Mmm.. I didn't get home from that until about 2:30 last night. I was dead tired, I crawled right into bed and proceeded to die from said tiredness. ^^; Today, I went shopping and picked up volumes 2 and 3 of the Fake manga, vol. 1 of the Please save My Earth manga, and then volume 2 of the Hana Yori Dango dvd. ^^ Oh, and I had the most delicious thing! It was a Tazo Chai Tea Cream from Starbucks!!! *___* It tasted just like frozen pumpkin pie! I was in heaven!!!!!!!! *___*

I came back home after that and have been trying to work on my Interior Worlds and Spaces mideterm. Max sucks.. I did part of it, after a billion hours of staring at the stupid program and berating it for not working the same way that Maya does. ^^;; I hate both programs, but I prefer to build in Maya... to the extreme. O_o I'm having immense difficulties, and I miss bing online all the time. ;__; But this is finals week and so concentration is a must. ^^;; That, and it seems to have been the week o' phone calls with me. ^^: I must have spent at least 6 hours on the phone with Kako earlier this week when the problems with the fires were happening, plus at least one other lengthy call. ^^ Then add 2 1/2 or so on the phone with Kyo the other night, and another good 2 hours on the phone with Del the night before. ^^ XD LOL It made me want to talk to all of my online friends on the phone! I will have to set up a time to talk to Alsie soon, and maybe Chelsea or Vethia if they would let me. Not to mention, Minakochan!!!! I keep missing her calls because I'm stupid! ^^; There's so much to talk to you about!!!!! ^^; I may call Yohji-kun possibly too.... maybe. ^^ Hmm.. Im sure there are more, but it's late and I shall avail myself of bed right now so that I can work early in the morning and finish this stupid model. ^^;

Oyasumi!!! ^___^

Oh, before I go.. Thank you Aion!!!! ^.^ She sent me an awesome late birthday/early Christmas present!! *dances* I luv it! Oh, and Halloween night was uneventful except that we got shafted by the people at Jenny's. (Denny's, but it's our nickname) I am going to call the central management and complain, and never EVER go back to that Denny's again. The manager was rude and snappy, and I'm sorry, but that's not what you do when you work in customer service. I should know, I've been there. But I felt vinidcated later night because I called the apartment manager at about 1 am becuase the annoying people downstairs were playing their base uber loud again. XD *cheers* I hope they get kicked out and replaced with quiet neighbors! YAY!

Oh, and I'm supposed to go to Vegas with Kako and her friend in a few weeks! I get a free room, so I can actually afford to go!! Wai! *dances again* That sounds fun! XD Though she wants me to sing... O_o I am bad, Athy can attest to that. X_x

Whee, okay real bedtime now!

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Oh... yes.. Gackt this from athenazandrite
Puh-lease fill this out? I'll be your frined forever! ^.^

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13. Name one thing you don't like about me:

has anyone noticed my language in my posts turning more childish recently, or is it just me? O-o I should really work on that. ^^;
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