Hi-chan (火ちゃん) (hinoai) wrote,
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)

I really need to start doing more artwork again. X_x Ever since weird mean things started to happen to me, I just haven't felt like sketching at all.. ;_; Well.. I'm going to try out some new photoshop techniques at home after I get back from class, and maybe that will jumpstart my lost creativity. I have a good idea of a little experiment that I want to draw..

;_; I miss the days when I used to post a lot of piccies in my journal. I guess that I've just been feeling like they aren't good enough anymore. ^_^; I need to find a coloring technique that I really like and stick with it. X_x..

Wahhh.... painter won't work on my computer. It says that I'm out of memory, even though that obviously isn't the case.. maybe if I reinstall it when I get back. O_o How can my computer be out of memory? I think the thing is wonked.

Last night I remade contact with an old friend. ^^ Nice! *happy* Mrrr, she changed everything from her aim name to her lj name, and apparently I missed the announcements. But at least she's still around.. I missed her. ^^;

Errr... been having lots of fun on Gaia dressing up Hinoai. Whee! But that's about all there is to do there. ^^; I get bored easily.
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