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I didn't get too many pictures from Yaoi-con... since most of my time was spent without my camera. ^^; But here are the pictures that I took at the con. I got some San Francisco ones that I'll post later on too. ^^

Athy (WD's Schuldig) right when we got to our hotel room.

Rin as Aya (WD's Ken) pouncing Kako (WD's Tot) as Nagi, or vice versa

Rin as Aya and ...... as Schu.... ah man, I just called her Schu so I'm not sure of her real name. ^^; I luuuuuuuuuuv her though she's awesome!!! ^^


The Emcee! Same one from Expo! I love his shirt. ^__^

Badly focused pic of Hiro as Hiei, Me as Yohko Kurama, and Athy as Kurama

Ditto on the focusing, Tsuzuki and Hisoka!

Them with Hisoka's symbols. This picture kicks my ass! I love it! ^^

Our hotel!

Athy as Kurama with Hiei

Kako as Nagi x Fruey-chan as Omi! Omi x Nagi LUV!!!!

Aya x Omi.. or the other way around. ^^;

Panorama from my hotel room window. ^^ I pieced it together from photos that I took. ^^

Me as Yohko Kurama on Athy as Kurama

Schu x Aya

Schu dancing with KittyBrad!

Schu giving Nagi luv (or fighting sometimes)! (at my request. ^^; )

Okay, I asked them to pose for this one too. ^^;; In honor of weissdiaries

Schu x Omi!

Masturbation! Okay.. well, it's like standing next to yourself. ^.~

Me and the Hot Muraki that was in the Masquerade. ^^

That was it for the con pics.... ^^;; I have lots of fun stories to tell too! But since Athy made such a great recap post about the first two days, I'm going to link to hers! I'll add in stories of my own too later on. ^^

A link to Athy's journal post about it all! Yes, I am lazy!!! ^^;

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack! And so not glad to be so. ^^; When is the next con? ^^;
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