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10 October 2003 @ 11:52 am
it's raining!! Yay!  
Hai, sou desu yo! Yuu masuto supiiku JAPANESE ooru
yuu wontu bii happi asu ooru de adda Anime-
kyarakutaasu araundo yuu! ^^

What language are you supposed to speak?
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XD Whoo! I didn't think I'd actually get japanese.. =^-^=

Mmmm... I've been busy. Wed and Thurs were my busy days when it came to school, and I've been drawing a little, and haven't had too much time for much else. I worked on my costume a little. I need to pick up some white thread, my wig, my shoes, and some interfacing today so that I can finish it.. and I need to work on the ears too, but I've got that all ready to go. ^^ This will be a really awesome costume! I think I have a good idea of how to do the tail, using wigs, but I won't be able to experiment with that until I see Athy on Sunday. ^^; It will be an interesting challenge to do it and not make it look like a horse's tail XD. And when I'm done with that costume, then I still have my mage costume to work on. ^^;;; Damn I wil be busy! I'll try to find the time soon for aim too, thee's quite a few things that I have going with people that I want to finish! ^^ But costumes have to come first, gomen.. ^^;

Oh yes... the drawing that I did.. it's my Gaia avatar, wearing the pinstripe dress that soundsoft_elvy designed. ^^ It's an ubercute dress!! I drew the pic while I was at her house last week, and this week when I had time I worked on getting some color into it. ^^ It's not that bad, though as always I think that I could do better if I had more time to spend on it. =P

Mmm okay.. off to go pick up my wig and shoes!! ^__^
Current Mood: creative
alkfhalsidjalssan on October 10th, 2003 10:16 pm (UTC)
Awesome piccie!!! :D