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Waiiiiiii!!! I just picked up the first Hana Yori Dango DVD for 17.99!! Yay me!! =^___^= I'm so happy! This is one of my all time favorite series, you can't imagine how excited I am!!!!!! This the first of my top three all time favorite series to come out on DVD!!!! *bounces* OMG I swear, I'm about to orgasm just from the happy feelings!

Now I just wish that I could kick my roommates off of the tv so that I could at least glimpse it before I go to class tonight. -_- Who cares about some stupid game when I have HYD on DVD!!!!! *gasps and runs around in happy circles* OMG I want to watch it SO BAD!

On other news... Why again are people finding the Gravi manga to buy two weeks ago, and I *still* can't find it anywhere? I looked all over and the official release date for vol. 2 was yeeeeeeeeesterday! I want my Gravi!!!!!!!!
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