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27 September 2003 @ 11:21 am
Anime day! ^^  
*grumbles at lj* You ATE my post!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRR!

I was rambling on about how I feel a lot better than I did, thanks to various friends. ^^ Last week was a hectic one where I lost touch with a lot of RPs, especially near the end of the week. I was that busy. ^^;; But I hope to catch up today! Time permitting of course. ^^ I made a huge stupid mistake when playing with Ayaka-mun, that I didn't realize until afterwards... I hope we can replay that later on. ^^;; That, or we just go with it.. I guess I was all turned around last night.. it was my first night really back in the RP scene. ^^ *yawns* I went to bed early yesterday, I was so tired.. but it probably did me good, since I woke up pretty alert and refreshed this morning. =^__^=

Mmm.. don't remember what else I said. Finals went well, I don't think that I failed any of my classes.. at least I hope so.^^; I finished all of the projects to varying degrees of goodness. And it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders *sighs* now that it's over with. ^__^ There is still much going on to cause me angstyness, but I'm dealing with it all in stride and it just feels a lot easier to manage now. ^^

Ahh, off to anime club in a minute.. Oh yeah, been reading the new Harry Potter book again and reveling in the crappiness that it is. At least Cho gets her due. Stupid bitch, I never EVER liked Cho in the first place. Harry x Hermione all the way! ^^ *waves flag* Ohhhhh.. and apparently it takes a million years to convert and burn a dvd, or so my computer is telling me. But I should have Nav's DVDs finally done today! ^^;; *is such a procrastinator*

Mmm.. and as far as picking a project to immerse myself in. First priority is costumes for yaoicon and halloween. Second is working on Chocokiss. There will be other things in between.. but I'm finally going to get Chocokiss up and running over break! *nods* I swear! ^^

Wai, time to get running! ^.^
Current Mood: amused
DAC, the curious little catboy_dac_ on September 28th, 2003 06:06 pm (UTC)
ooh, cool! your own webcomic. I can't wait to see it ^_^
I need to get to work on my webcomic ideas. stupid laziness ^_^;