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24 September 2003 @ 12:40 pm
at school now... wow am I ever lj spamming ^^:  
Someone disabled the "Save as" command on the school computers.. interesting. I'll have to open this 22 mb tga in internet explorer then, I guess. *shrugs* it had better open. I spent the time scanning the friggin thing.

I got a nice chair by the window so that I can spend more time staring out at the sky. I love the weather outside.. it makes me feel peaceful to sit here and have this window right at eye level, right next to me through the blinds. When it's overcast and grey like this, not too hot, and humid, it makes me feel at ease.. at least it does right now, and I love it.. *sighs* right, maya final.. right. Good thing that I did a biggish chunk of it the other day. About the rain again.. apparently it finally rained last night though I obviously was too caught up in working on projects to notice it. ^^; darn. Today, I notice though, and I love it. ^^ I'm not home, and it feels.. good. Being away feels better than I thought it would right now. ^^ I hope that nobody asks me to leave or if they end up having a class in here or something.. It doesn't look like it, this lab is pretty deserted. So I guess I'll work in peace unless I get distracted by someone fun to talk to. ^^ There's only a few people in this school that I would talk to for any length of time, though.

BTW this CD rocks. I found my old Duncan Sheik CD. It's easily one of the best CDs that I've ever bought. I wonder if he has more than just this one.. I would buy them if he did but I'm too lazy to look it up from school when they have such a bad internet connection.

[edit]Wow, he does have two more CDs. Newer ones. I didn't realize that I've had this CD since 1996.. wow, it's old. ^^ That makes it one of the first popular music CDs that I bought. Back then I was only into classical and stuff. Sweet. I am going to hunt these two other ones down at a used CD shop or something. ^^[/edit]
Current Music: Duncan Sheik - She runs away
aionwatha: natasha pure - by shumeaaionwatha on September 24th, 2003 01:30 pm (UTC)
rain <3

i love rain. it's so peaceful and pretty and poetic.