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21 September 2003 @ 05:00 pm
Avast, ye scurvy sea dogs! =P  
I just got back from the store.. it's still hot. A fact that I had f almost forgotten by being inside so much working on homework. O_o ^^; Too bad... it's in the 90s, I think, not sure where, but still too hot for my taste. ^^;; I can't wait until it gets cooler! Probably in a bout a month it will start to become bearable. ^^

Mm.. other things. Sorry that I was in such a bad mood yesterday, for those few of you that had to deal with me! It just happens every once in a while, and the stress is kind of high, so I guess I had to eventually get mad about random things. ^^; One thing I noticed.. my period is late by a few weeks.. that's scary. I'm obviously not pregnant, but... I guess it must be the stress.. scary. ^^; Oh... and much much thanks to athenazandrite for taking me out for dinner last night and making me feel lots better!! *huggles muchly* I luff you! I'm doing a lot better today, though I've still noticed that my temper is kind of short. ^^; gomen about that. ^^: I'm working on it! One more week and finals are over, so that'll be one less stress to deal with!! ^^

Mmm.. what else.. I dunno, I was going to say something. O_o But.. back to homework! ^.^

Oh, and yes.. I've been checking out the JET applications! I'm all set to ask my teachers for recommendations this week!!!! YAY! And have to request my transcripts soon. ^^
Current Mood: indescribable
SatanClawssatanclaws on September 21st, 2003 11:20 pm (UTC)
Less stress is always a good thing. I hope you get all your finals done in time and Good Luck on your tests ^^