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18 September 2003 @ 12:14 pm
me and my 2D  
Does everyone hate it as much as I do..? When you have a class (and they're expensive here!) and all the people do in it is sit around and watch movies? It makes me not want to work, which in turn leads me to procrastinate, which means me working at the last minute on projects. ^^''

What's worst is that it's my favorite class... Advanced Animation. It's my last 2-D class (wahh!!!!), in this wayy-too 3D-heavy program. I'm doing great in the class, I believe, and I want to uber-impress Mr. Missal with this last project.. but man... it kind of disappoints me that people don't like the class. I love it. Why do I have to take THREE friggin 3D animation classes next quarter, but no 2D animation ones? Newsflash, world: I'm never going to accept a job in 3D animation, and here's the reason. I am getting this degree so that I can do a job that makes me happy. 2D makes me happy, it's my passion! *shrugs* end of story!

Erk. Off to Crap-Maya-3D class now. I'd better not fail this one! O_o I'll try hard! I just.. have nooooooooo interest. *flops*
Current Mood: curious
piperz on September 18th, 2003 01:43 pm (UTC)
Hi-chan... for some reason, the icon you used for this post didn't show up. It came up the dreaded RED X! (eerie music plays in the background.)

Dunno if it's just me, but I thought I'd give you a heads up. (pause.) On a lighter note, you could just kill the people that invented the 3.D Animation classes and put them on your schedule? Unless it was the same people who did the 2.D, because then ... yeah... you know...

Damn the 3.D animation world that tries to crush the creativity of the 2.D artist.

Damn the corp--- er... nevermind. ^-^;;;

*I* still love you. XD!