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one week of friends! ^^

For those of you that play with me in shokan_division, I did a cute little doodle in class. It's not as disturbing as the one that I plan, to be sure. ^^

Whee! Now to talk about school and life and stuff. I went to visit with redshoeson a week ago yesterday. We chatted, took pictures for her ebay stuffage, and watched a really awesome movie that I can't remember the name of! Erk! What was it called, Mina? I need to procure this dvd! ^^

Hmm.. then school, then last Wed. I went to see soundsoft_elvy! More driving for me, but it was nice and worth it! We watched Chicago (which she loved! Yay!), and thn this weird special about how gays are being accepted in the media. ^^ We also worked on our Ragnarok Online mage costumes, messed around, made up an original character for her to rp against my Tohma, and she made me an amazing Italian chicken dinner!! ^__^

More school, tons of rp, and I went to hang out with reichiere and Kiya-chan on Friday.. Or was it tuesday? O-o. We watched a ton of movies and played.

Then on Saturday, I went to see athenazandrite and hitokiri_naveed. Ohhhhhh, I'd been intrigued with the movie Kissing Jessica Stein after seeing it on the tv program at Elvy's, and so we rented that and the Stephen King movie Rose Red. OMG Kissing Jessica Sten was one of the best movies I've seen in a while!! I HIGHLY recommend it! I went out and bought it yesterday, it was that good. As for Rose Red, I got the hugest kick out of it!! All three of us did, as we play three of the four Schwarz members in weissdiaries, and we kept comparing the characters in the movie to the weiss characters!! XDXD It was hilariously fun! Not to mention a good movie. It's also on my must-buy DVD list! ^^

Hmm.. oh, and I've been RPing all over the place. ^^ So many different characters. Thanks to the other players, I'm finally starting to find my Tohma and my Muraki. ^^ *bounces happily*

Mmm yes, speaking of that, I'm requested to play right now! *bounces off*
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