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14 August 2003 @ 08:00 am
crossposting sort of :P  

Oh yes... little quick piece of artwork that I did for weissdiaries. The story there amuses me to no end! ^^

(Aya-chan + Farfie)

Another one....

(Seeeeexual pen sketch)
Current Mood: artistic
absitively, posolutely: Daisuke - Narunaru_chan on August 14th, 2003 08:22 am (UTC)
*SNORTS...OH MY GOD..* Those are SO GREAT XDD I love the second one (The first one kinda scares me o_O). You should color it!!
Rollergalkawaii_gurl on August 14th, 2003 09:00 am (UTC)
Great work! ^__^ I like the first one the best
Subaru Roshansubaru_roshan on August 14th, 2003 10:39 am (UTC)
As always, quite wonderful work! Particularly Schuldig gnawing on Brad's arm.

You gonna have time to play today? *snug*
long gone with her red shoes on: discoball - greatredshoeson on August 14th, 2003 11:30 am (UTC)
::squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees at the artwork:: ^_^