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28 June 2003 @ 02:21 am
Mmmm.. ^^ Kuroro's shirt is 100% done. ^^ I put in the stripes quite uneven, but it was hard to do, so there. ^^;;; You can't tell with the jacket on, anyways... it covers up all of my hard work. ^^;; Roman collars are easy, zippers are easy... putting in zig zag stripes without a pattern is hard. It came out all wrong.. *fumes*

*sigh* oh well! It's all done! Now back to ripping out the jacket and making a new back for it! I decided that I'd do that instead of keeping the back that I fixed... much much better, though it'll take more work. ^^;;

Masquerade skit. It's simple and it's pretty much done. Just need to record voices and whatnot. ^^
Current Mood: thoughtful