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23 June 2003 @ 11:47 pm
I *heart* Kuroro  
^__^;; I got Kuroro.. Does that mean that I'm a quiet, cold, and calculating person? Well, at least I'm a badass quiet, cold, and calculating person.. :P


Which Hunter X Hunter Character Are You?
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I actually thought that I would get Gon! XD I guess I've played Kuroro for too long. :P I really am more like Gon.. I swear.. *eyes everyone* No, I would neeeeeeeeeeever murder an entire tribe of people! Or play sonnets of death to avenge the murder of my comrade.. *ahem* yeah..

Mmm... yesterday, I went to see epicfx for the first time in three years or so.. it was a little strange, but it was just a short visit, and we got along well. It was nice catching up on what's happened to the people that we used to go to school with. ^^ Some of the things that people were doing now I would have never guessed! It's hard to believe that it's been 5 years already since I've graduated school. ^^;; After that short visit I went over to Athena and Nav's to work on costumes again. I forgot the most important part of my costume that I needed to work on. ^^;; But what I did have there, I finished work on. Yay! Also browsed ideas for the cosplay skit. I have to get that all ready. ^^; I have my Ayu costume done, yay! Working hard on the Kuroro one.. or I would have been if I didn't spend most of the day reading Harry Potter. ^^;;; As if I could resist!

Today, went shopping with kanvis for things for his Shuichi costume.. then umm.. came home and read Harry Potter. ^_^;; Whee, what an exciting life I lead! XD Tomorrow the plan is to work on mine and Kanvis's costume, mail things, work on the karaoke skit, and umm... that's all I'll probably do. :P And read. Wed I'm going to see and hang out with soundsoft_elvy and work on Digital Syntax, and maybe spend the night. It's been a long time and I'm really excited! Mmm, the rest of my week is going to be working on the cosplay stuff.. Don't expect me on aim too much. ^^; I leave.......... MONDAY!! YAY! Technically I leave my place on Sunday to spend the night at Athena's and leave early in the morning. ^^ AX here I come! Less than a week away!! *bounces*
Current Mood: full
Current Music: Hunter X Hunter - Hunter x Hunter no Tema ~Daiti no Kodo~