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21 June 2003 @ 01:10 pm
Oh, girltype, I got your package! I'll get the CDs done and send them right out ASAP! ^.^

I'm UBER excited about Anime Expo!! ^________^ Sure the costume's not done, but I'm sure that it will be in time! ^__^ No worries!

I went to Chris's wedding today.. Wow it was the most informal wedding that I've ever been to! ^_^;; I'll post a pic or two later! ^.^ Right now.. I feel like sleeeeeeeeeping.. just for an hour or so. Today will be a boring, lazy day. I'll try to work on my costume a bit, and well... :P draw, I guess. Unless someone comes and wants to do something. :P Wheee, yes off to nappytime!

take the "How Angsty Are You Quiz" @ undead friday.


This is the most wrong icon I've ever seen. *dies laughing* It belongs to chibigir

Rollergalkawaii_gurl on June 21st, 2003 02:57 pm (UTC)
LOL @ sailor Dumbledore! ^_____^ Can't wait to see more of your artwork >_9
Chisotahn / 記録係chisotahn on June 23rd, 2003 08:22 am (UTC)
Man, AX being so close totally KILLED the Fanime dealer's room. >:o Heheh. Well, it did - there were hardly any wallscrolls and only one cel dealer! Augh! But I was still able to get most of what I wanted (and am ordering stuff online in retaliation) so... hehe. Of course, Fanime was also less crowded due to the AX effect.

Next year, it's early enough to escape... hehehe. And Fanime will be four days. Ehehehehe.