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La Li Ho! +and randomness+

I did a rather interestingly intellectual Nagi and Omi RP with kyofujimiya last night.. it wasn't supposed to be an RP, we just kind of ended up in it. ^^; Anyways, I actually had a lot of fun with it, you should all go read it! *pimps out* Warning: it's NOT slutty.. though I did get Nagi to play up to Omi a bit. ^.^ I like RPs like that where I can just sit and be intellectual. It reminds me that I'm not stupid. :P

[side note: I watched some Gravi today! It's been so long, so I stuck in my crappy chinese DVDs and made up the storyline to it from what I remember in the fansubs. ^^ I got Justin to say that it was actually an interesting-looking show, hehe.. ^^ Watching Ryuichi sing brought back my love for Ryu-chan a millionfold! I am *such* the Tatsuha..]

Well... been pretending to work on my costumes. I did a lot of shopping for them now, and have pretty much everything that I'll need. Even the black Kuroro pants. I had to go with black jeans because people are not loving enough to make black vinyl ones in my size. ^^; But it's okay, the jeans look snazzy enough. ^^ I have to finish cutting out the fabric for the coat in the morning and take everything over to athenazandrite's house and work on the sewing part. ^^ I hope that I can find everything! And I know that I am supposed to bring back the HxH DVDs... anything else? *ponders* I hope I don't forget anything. I think I might do some camera tests tomorrow, if I actually finish anything while it's light out. If we work hard, I should be able to, I think... I don't have a ton of things to sew, which is good for me. ^^ Oh! *reminds self to bring along hotel monies tomorrow too* About $230, right? I hope so because that's what I took out of ye olde bank account, but I can always tap into it for more if I remember wrong. I'm nearly drained for money until the first, but it's all worth it. I did put aside $50 for my AX badge, and $50 for the way there, but I'm having to tap into that just barely for some of the supplies I need. Oh well can't win them all. I'll still have some left, enough for gas and food at least until then. Then on the 1st I'll take out monies for the dealer's room.. Whee!! ^^ I can't waiiiiiiit!!!! XD This is going to be a great con!!!! *bounces*

Oh, I have everything that I need for the Ayu costume now too! Yay! Everything except for the tie, but I put that on hold at JC Penney's for me. *smiles* Eric's going to buy it with his discount. ^^ I also put on hold a belt that looks like Ryuichi's. I've been looking for one that I like for a long time! I might dig out my snazzy black shoes and put the costume back together again this year just for fun. That's if I'm able to make a Kumagarou. ^^ Otherwise, I'm planning on wearing my Kuroro costume most of the time and the Ayu costume the rest of the time, that I'm not in civillian clothes. ^.^ OMG, the more that I think about it the more excited I am!!!!!!! =^_____________^=

Mmm, must work on cosplay skit!! Yes, yes must work on it! I'll write SOMETHING up, and see if I can get some guy friends to maybe play the character voices... maybe.

O-o... I also got ace bandages.. I might try and see if I can wrap my chest tomorrow while playing with the costume.. My boobs are just too big. X-x... scary, I never thought I'd say that because I never thought they were all that big... but they're getting too big for a c-cup! And yes I'm still not that big! My bras are probably shrinking.. ^^;;

Oh, I have a great pose idea for a Ytheru x Alix piece of artwork, and a Ryuichi one, a Nagi + Omi one, a Kurapica x Killua one, and a Nagi + Toudou one.. (attack of the clones! *snickers* Man they look so similar!!). My brain is filled with artwork possibilities. ^^ Whee, but first, HxH chibis! I'm doing it in ink first, then scanning and putting in the color.. should be fun!! =^_____^= I love playing with all these new techniques!!!! =)

Ahh, waiting for clothes to finish in the washer, then I can go to bed... *mocks washer* Why dost you takest so long? I need my sleepy! I have all these ideas but I suddenly don't want to sketch them.. well, poo! My brain is mush today, didn't I tell you? ^^;;; It comes from thinking too much. :P

*bounces* One more time.. we leave for ANIME EXPO in 20 days!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! *bounces all over the place* So, who wants to meet up there? Look for O-squared in the masquerade and you'll see me too!! Kuroro in all his phantom brigade glory... And perhaps chained up.. we'll see. ^.~ OH hey wait, I just had a goooooooood idea for a skit... better than the old idea.. *ponders* Oh crap.. I realized that I still need to get the chain. I have not the monies... O-o........

I am Ryu-chan! Hear me roar! =^___^= I really am like him.. does that make me my own god? *ponders*

You're the kawaii singer from Nittle Grasper,
Sakuma Ryuichi! Even though you may act like a
hyper three year old most of the time, you're a
great friend to have. Everyone adores and
loves you, even if you're not the brightest
crayon in the box. You like adding "Na No
Da" to the end of your sentences and
carrying your stuffed pink bunny Kumagorou
everywhere with you. Also, you can go from
adorably cute to sexy serious in no time flat

~*~Which Gravitation Character Are You?~*~
brought to you by Quizilla

How did I get her??? Wow, from the description, she really is like me.. ^^;; Scaaaaaary. ^^ Though the more I think about it, the more they're right... :P Whee, I hope one day I'll be as pretty as Velma!

You're Velma Kelly
You're VELMA KELLY. You're beautiful, witty, and
clever. You aren't always tolerant of others,
and you like the spotlight, but arent always
desperate for it. You're willing to share, but
only if you benefit from it. You can be
arrogant at times, but arent we all? You want
what you want, when you want it, and you're not
going to settle for less. You're not taking
shit from anyone.

What Character From Chicago are you? (with pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla


In the immortal words of kawaii_gurl: I shall return to write another day. ^^

BTW.. soundsoft_elvy, I want to plan something with you soon. I MISS YOU!!!

And kanvis.. let's get together to work on your Hisoka costume!! Yes yes yes!! We'll love you forever for being our Hisoka! Plus you get to take pictures with me and the other girls! *grins* Dude, and we have to get you platform shoes. ^^;
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