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06 June 2003 @ 01:13 pm
la de daa!! ^.^  

How long have you been roleplaying? Umm, a long time. 6 years or so? Ever since I first got into ElfQuest.. It's been off and on since then, though it's a lot more obsessive now.

What forms/where? (Message board, chat rooms, etc...) Tabletop (D&D style), Message Board, AIM chat, livejournal, mailing list, newsletter.. I hope I didn't forget any..

Name your five favorite characters to play, why, and where you play them:
1. Kuroro Lucifer (from Hunter x Hunter): Because I adore him. I love the power trip that it gives me, to be so powerful, and so evil, and have the character know it but not always need to show it. I loved getting into his head and trying to figure out why he does the things that he does. ^^ I play him in an RP with athenazandrite on AIM, on livejournal here: kuroro (it's the journal that goes along with the AIM RP though), and on a messageboard here: York Auction. (btw, we're in need of more players!! Onegai??!!)
2. Naoe Nagi (from Weiss Kreuz): Nagi is hard to play for me. He's like the opposite of my personality, he's broody, moody, and abrasive. He's very indrawn (okay, a bit like me there) and has a perpetual pissy disposition. But I love playing him! Again, it's part power trip since he's one of the most powerful characters in the series, but a lot of it is trying to figure out how a character so unlike myself would act. Plus, I get a big kick out of figuring out the relationship dynamics inside of Schwarz. Evil relationships are so fun to figure out! Who cares for who? And in what way? Do they really care? I play him on livejournal in the weissdiaries, on messageboards here: Hitokiri Haven and here: Weiss Kreuz Yaoi RPG, and on occasional aim chats with different people.
3. Sakuma Ryuichi (from Gravitation): He's my favorite character in the series. He's probably my favorite character in any anime, period. I love how Ryuichi acts, how he is not afraid to be himself even though the entire world is watching. I love everything about him! And he's just... *drools* God damn beautiful.. OMG.. I love him to death! He's a lot of fun to play! I play him on random AIM chats, on a mailing list here: Gravitation RP, and on a messageboard here: Gravi rp.. (if it doesn't die completely, that is).
4. Ytheru (original character): I don't know what to say about him. I haven't RPed him for a long time, but I always loved to! I'm going to start playing him again soon, though. ^__^ I just love him to death! I guess what I really like about him is the dynamics between him and Alix.. He was so much fun to develop! I guess I have a thing for characters that are slightly evil-ish. ^.~ Maybe because I like to stretch my limits. ^__^ I started playing him on AIM with shumea, and we're planning to start up again finally. I also keep a journal for him here: ytheru.
5. Killua (Hunter x Hunter): I ADORE Killua to no end!! ^_______^ He's so quirky and stubborn, it's just great to play him. ^__^ It's funny to get to beat up on Gon a little bit, too. I adore their innocent friendship. =^__^= I play him on a messageboard here: York Auction, on AIM occasionally (like right now in the KuroKura RP), and I keep a journal for him as well here: killuazaoldyeck. I also keep one for Gon here: gonfreecs, just fyi. :P

Name five people you like to rp with and why:
1. athenazandrite. I love to play with her, because we have the same attitude about RP, really. We both have a perverse fascination with figuring out how the characters work, and stripping them apart to figure out how to get them to realistically do what we want them to. I think we both thrive off of the challenge, and I totally adore it! ^^
2. shumea. It's been a long time since we've really RPed.. I think it's mostly a scheduliing thing. But she was always fun to rp with! We could really mesh creatively,and I love that!
3. littletrowa. Sweetie, you need to RP more with me! I miss you!
4. kyofujimiya. *bounces* I know, I haven't been accessible for a while.. but still I love to play with you! ^.^
5. Gah! Why do I have to keep picking?! I love to play with ALLL of you! I don't think there's anyone on my friends list that I wouldn't like to rp with!

Describe five memorable scenes and where they took place:
1. In the KuroKura RP: Gon kissed Killua in Gon's bedroom. Killua was frustrated, because he'd been asking for Kurapica on details about sex. Of course Kurapica wasn't really answering him and was dodging the questions, so Killua finally talked to Gon about the things that he was thinking about. Gon kissed him to make him feel better, though he wasn't really interested in those things. It was really cute! Killua kissed him and deepened it, but in the end, they decided to promise not to do those kinds of things with each other (meaning sex) unless that for some reason they both wanted to. It was soooo cute!! Sugary sweetness!!! ^___^
2. KuroKura RP again. This is a little while back. When Kuroro decided that if he could get Kurapica to have sex with him and like it, then he would make Kurapica dependant on him, and such. It was sweet and Kurapica couldn't deny enjoying it, but Kuroro got more than he bargained with, by falling for Kurapica too. As much love as he could be capable of. ^.^
3. More KuroKura RP.. Killua accidentally looked in the window and caught Kuroro and Kurapica having sex! They didn't notice, but Killua was sure embarassed! But he kept looking, which made Gon think it was weird.. Kuroro was pretty unhappy when Kurapica made him stop in the middle of things, though, when Gon knocked at the door. *grins* I like to torture my bishies! ^^ And it makes things fun! ^.^
4. XD I had so much fun with this one! In the Weiss Yaoi messageboard that I'm on, all of Schwarz went into the a nightclub with the blatant intention of killing the Weiss boys inside. Nagi seduced Omi right into bed, then killed him. It was so much fun! Aya died later, but it was sad when the thread was closed due to complications before Schwarz could kill the others.. ;_;
5. Here I was playing Ryuichi, when he received a special card in the mail.. It was an invitation from an anonymous person (actually was Yuki I believe) to a birthday dinner at his favorite restaurant. He called Tohma to ask if he should go, and when Tohma asked what restaurant it was, this was the reply:
On the couch next to him, Ryuichi saw Kumagarou frown. "Ah, mouuu! Not you too!" He swatted the bunny playfully. "Anyways, Tohma, it can't be so bad, right? McDonald's is always full of people, so there will be lots more friends to join in the party!" He paused for a moment, thoughtfully. "Maybe you want to come with Ryu-chan?"

XD even though I wrote it, I'm allowed to get a kick out of it too. :P

Name five characters you'd like to rp but haven't yet:
1.Izumi (Full Moon wo Sagashite): XD you know I love the evil ones! ^.^
2. Eyes Rutherford (Spiral): I can't resist this gorgeous bishounen.......
3. Miaka Yuuki (Fushigi Yuugi): I just love her. I know you all hate her, but I adore her to no end. ^^; I would LOVE to yuri her with a Yui too!!
4. Miki Koishikawa (Marmalade Boy): If you want to start an RP with me, I would jump at this one. Not to yuri necessarily, or to even het. I just want to play an innocent Miki with her schoollife troubles. There is reasons why I loved this anime!!
5. Noriko (Gravitation): I LOVE Noriko! I actually did RP her for like.. one post on some ML or something. I want to do it again, because I just adore her! She would be fun to play!

Name five scenes you'd like to rp but haven't yet:
1. Hehee... Izumi x Takuto yaoiA forced kiss like in the manga, or something... Oh yes, that would make me drool to no end!! ^_______^
2. A scene where Killua actually kisses Kurapica. In the KuroKura RP, I would love to work in a way to have them kiss. Only because of that picture. ^^;; But it would be a fairly chaste kiss, but I love the angst it would cause. ^______^
3. Some cute Toudou x Nagi moments: I'm thinking cute and innocent, where they don't realize they're being led to each other.
4. Kuroro and Kurapica's break up. It will break my heart to do it, but I really want to! And then I want to have them make up! But it will add excitement into their relationship. ^^
5. Killua x Gon. Not the cute moment that we had in the KuroKura RP. I want it all, then they're older. Like the sketch I did one day. It's only because I'm a pervert, though.. :P

Are there scenes or characters that you wouldn't rp?

Mm, I'm not sure. I guess I wouldn't RP a Hisoka x Gon yaoi scene. I have no problem with the suggestive stuff like in the manga and anime, but I won't do what all those doujin seem to think is a good idea. Gon is too innocent for that. ^^; In all honesty, I'm not really into playing out het sex scenes. Yaoi and yuri I don't mind, but het just seems so.. ordinary ^^;; Not that I have anything against het pairings. There are plenty that I love!!

Assign a song and a line from it for each of your favorite characters:

Killua: Skindive - Sweetness (thanks Nav! ^.^)

"Innocent assassin, wire through the rings. Current flowing through me, all the joy it brings. My perfect little liar, trying hard to please. My precious little lover. My sweetness."

Kuroro: Rammstein - Angel (or Engel) (I chose the english lyrics because well... you can understand them :P but it's pretty much the same song. Sorry, I had to include the whole song. I think this is probably how Kuroro would think about Heaven. He's a pretty bitter boy.)

"Live in virtue,no desire
In the grave an angel's choir
You look to heaven and wonder why
No one can see them in the sky

Just as the clouds have gone to sleep
Angels can be seen in heaven's keep
Alone in fear they question why
Goddamn not an angel when I die

Angels live, they never die
Apart from us, behind the sky
They're fading souls who' ve turned to ice
So ashen white in paradise

Just as the clouds have gone to sleep
Angels can be seen in heaven's keep
Alone in fear they question why
Goddamn not an angel when I die

Goddamn an angel when I die
Heaven must be hell in the sky"

I also thought of a good one for Kurapica. Kurapica's not my faovrite character, reallly.. but anyway here's one for Kura-chan.. you know, how Kurapica went on through all the odds, and did what he could to fight against the people that destroyed his way of life. Kuroro and the brigade, namely. ^^
Bon Jovi - It's my Life

"This ain't a song for the broken-hearted. No silent prayer for the faith-departed...
It's my life. It's now or never. I ain't gonna live forever. I just want to live while I'm alive."

Nagi: Godsmack - Voodoo (It fits too well. Nagi's life sucks, at least in his opinion.. And his powers could be considered kind of voodoo-like I guess..)

"Candles raise my desire. Why I'm so far away. No more meaning to my life. No more reason to stay. Freezing feeling, Breathe in--Breathe in."

Ryuichi: The Donnas - 40 Boys in 40 Nights (Oh my god. I was gonna pick something cute and happy and hyper.. well this is sorta hyper but when I heard it on my playlist I couldn't resist.. in a yaoi environment, can't you so see him being like this? *laughs*)

"Spendin every night in a different state. Spendin every night with a different date. I come into town and have a look around. And then I find a guy who wants to get down.
Makin' out all night in hollywood. You know I'd do 'em all if I could..."

*ahem* and a test.. ^__^
Artistic Sexy
What Type of Sexy Are You? (with pics)

brought to you by Quizilla

Okay, wow, that was LONG!! It took me two days to think of all the answers for it! ^^;; *squeees* I no have time for long tests! ^^;; Oh well.. it was fun! I love to talk about RP! ^.^

Hmmm.. what's been happening. Not a lot, I guess. Working on the costume a bit, but not too much. Trying to find my fafsa information that I seem to have not turned in. ^^; Must remember!! Also planning for the anime club meeting tomorrow. I forgot to send a message out this morning! Ackk!!! ^^;;;

Ah well.. I'd better go get dressed and get something to eat now before volunteering! Ja! ^^
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