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22 May 2003 @ 08:10 am
Aieee!! Gomen!! Gomen everyone that was talking to me online last night. My internet died, and although I waited around for it to come back online, it didn't do so until I I'd already went to bed. ^^; Stupid Cox! They SUCK at service! How dare the internet go out when I'm using it!!! X-x

Anyways, for those that didn't know.. my ac is (still) broken in the house. It doesn't make it any fun to be home when it's more than 90 degrees inside even at night (the thermostat only goes up to 90, and the needle is buried above that).. but it was about 110 outside yesterday, so at least it's a tad cooler than that. ^^;

Yay, I should be getting the pictures that I took with Shumea's camera shortly! ^^ Today I'm planning to go to the art museum with Brenda after my afternoon class, and we'll probably spend as much time there as possible, just to get out of the heat. ^^; Tomorrow is volunteering time again, and that should be fun as usual! I'm going to start a new stencilling project! ^^ Saturday anime club (the webpage has been down for almost a week thogh, I don't expect much attendance). Then Sunday over to Athena and Naveed's to do random things. ^^ Watch movies, work on costumes, whatnot. ^.^ Yes, must work on costume!! *nodnod*

Well those are my plans! *waves hi to everyone* I have some errands to run before I got out to school! Ja!
Current Mood: sore
Current Music: Aquarian Age - Evolutional Girls Organization