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Here it is... Anime Central part 1 ^___^

Oh-- Kyo-chan didn't know how to, so I set up a lj community for all of us that met at the con! Well, and for those of you that want to join and hear about our adventures too! ^^ It's here: acenwkyaoi

Wow, I had a BLAST at Acen!! It was scary flying by myself, and there was a lot of unannounced turbulence on the plane, but the flights had to end eventually one way or the other, and I found myself lost in Chicago. ^^ It's a really large airport, but somehow I managed to find the area for the free hotel shuttles. Yay, there was one to the Hyatt Regency!! So I caught that, and after arriving at the hotel, took a look around and just waited for someone to show themselves that looked like they might be of any help. ^^ I met Venus sitting in the lobby, and we talked and met other people that looked lost until people we recognized started to show up. We waited patiently, and I even met one of the US guests of honor, before I finally caught Patrick walking by. I don't think that he recognized me at first glance. ^^; But it's all ookay! It was a nice reunion! I haven't seen him since I graduated High School what.. 5 years ago? ^^

Well, it's really hot today, which makes me tired, and I have to take a shower soon before I leave for school, so I won't say every detail about the con. I will say that I made a LOT of really good friends, and met so many people that I am really grateful to have met! I had a complete and total blast! I haven't had that much fun in a while, not at least since the last Anime Expo.. and maybe even then. I worked really hard and pretty much ran myself ragged working with the registration crew, but it made me really want to be a part of more cons! The con was a bit smaller than I really like, but for sure I will be back next year! In fact, I can't wait!I was pretty sad to leave on Sunday, even though I was dead tired from the weekend.

Well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves from now on. ^^ Here's most of the good ones, except the ones that Yohji-kun vetoed. *raspberry*

Here is the back room of the registration department, the day before the con. Before everything was set up and people started running around insanely. ^^

shumea and Neko-chan on Thursday, right when I first met them! ^^

Whee, it's the yaoi panel! ^___^ I'm going to be on it next year.. yay!

Yohji-kun (littletrowa) at the yaoi panel, holding up the pencilboard that I won and gave to him. ^^

A nice pretty Weiss Kreuz yaoi picture. ^^ Yohji and Aya-kun are in it.. I don't know who the Schuldig is, but I saw her all over the con and talked to her a few times. ^^ The other girl on the right, I have no idea who she is either. ^^;

Duel Jewel!! *drools* This is the pretty pretty pretty jrock band that we saw at the con. ^^ I took more pictures but I took them with Shumea's camera, so I don't have them now. ^^;

Shumea, Yohji-kun, Neko-chan, and Aya-kun at the masquerade

Part of Registration staff partying it up on the last day! ^^

Rin-chan (rinnako) and Aya-kun posing an Aya x Aya picture for me. ^__^ Aya-kun told me that he felt like he was masturbating. ^^;

Kyo-chan (kyofujimiya) and Heather (shadowsaviour)

indirect and rinnako being cute

Heather, Kyo-chan, and Koko-chan getting all comfy on the last day ^^

Don't ask. I thought this was scary so I took the picture...

Group picture!!!!! ^______^ Here's people, left to right:
Top Row: Cindy (a friend of Kyo-chan's and Heather's that I didn't know ^^;), Kyo-chan (kyofujimiya), Koko-chan (does she have a lj? She plays Ken on our Weiss RP^^)
Second row: Heather (shadowsaviour), Saiai-chan (indirect), Rin-chan (rinnako), Yohji-kun ([Unknown LJ tag]), Aya-kun (I don't think he has a journal either..)
Front row: Kat (a friend of Aya-kun's. ^^ Do you have a journal too?> I want!), Neko-chan (Shumea's friend from Canada.), Shumea (shumea), me (hinoai) ^__^

Yohji x Aya. ^__^ Sharing pocky

Shumea asked me to take this picture.. though I don't know who the other girl is. ^^;

Shumea and Neko-chan

Who has the bigger sword!! ^____^

Yohji x Aya.. I looooooooove this one!

Aya x Omi.. a little dom and sub ^^;

I feel bad for this Vash but I'm sure he didn't mind. We didn't know him I just pulled him out for a picture. :P

Yohji x Aya x Omi

More of the same ^^ But this one's really cute!

Me, Shumea, and Yohji-kun. ^^ I like this one I'm going to print it out ^^

Kawaii squared! Aya and Yohji

Yohji-kun's *real* tattoo. Yes, it really is real ^^

Leftover program books from registration.. there was over a thousand! ^^;

Added: Aya-kun and Yohji-kun snuggling! They're so cuuuuuuuute! ^_____^

Oh... That's all for the pictures that I took with my camera.. ^^; I took some with Shumea's camera that I'll get a bit later. ^^ Pics of Duel Jewel and Paradise Kiss cosplayers and stuff. ^^ But I also have to add this in: A picture that Kyo-chan took of the nummy yaoi Vash and Wolfwood. ^^ I missed on getting a good picture so I stole hers. ^^

Well!! That's all, until later! ^_____^

Relena's CROTCH!
Relena's CROTCH!! I PITY YOU!! You're like a
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*pat pat* You poor, poor human...

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