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May the Fourth be with you.

Lol, splix wrote that in her journal, so I had to be a big dork and copy. *sweatdrop*

Aight! Yesterday, I had a great trip to LA! I always love driving to LA with friends (in this case Rachel and Jason), even with the loooooooooong drive and long hours. ^^ It's 6 to 7 hours one way. ^^; But as usual, it was much fun!! I bought Ron an english edition of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and bought the two new manga volumes of Hunter x Hunter and the last volume of Gravitation. Yay! I bought a couple of wallscrolls and a few misc itemas as well. ^^ The coolest thing about the night was the amazing Chinese seafood dinner in a posh restaurant in LA's Chinatown. Oh man, the food was amazing!!! I had a hard time cracking open the fresh shrimp to eat them (you have to twist their heads off!!! O-o...) but after one it was a bearable task. ^^ I don't think that I've ever had seafood that good before! The shrimp was sweet, almost like it had sugar in it!

Oh, and another cool thing.. Halfway through dinner, two tables down from us, they seated a movie star!!! Jason spotted him, because he looked kind of like a hobo, and it was certainly out of place in this restaurant.. Omg, it was sooooo hard not to stare, though! I recognized him though I didn't know his name.. ^^ And I also semi-recognized one of the two guys that were with him.. though I still can't figure out what movie he was in, so that I can look up who it was. ^^; Anyways, the actor that I did recognize was Vincent Schiavelli. He reeeeally does look like a hobo in real life! It was hilarious! But kind of intimidating.. I mean, they were two tables down from us!!! ^^; And there was no people in between us.. and I was facing in that general direction! It was hard not to stare, and I found out how much of a fangirl I really am! I mean, not a fan of him per se (although he is interesting..) but it was an actor, and I was fairly bouncing in my seat over the closeness of it! ^^;

:P I'm such a nerd.. But I wouldn't have it any other way! ^^

btw... Kuroro is getting some right now by a more than willing Kurapica. Now that's what I'm talking about! ^.^ It makes for hentai mun's... very very hentai mun's. That animation paper is the last thing that I want to work on right now. ^_^;
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