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30 October 2002 @ 07:13 am
Yuutsuna seven days!  
Seven Days!! Seven Days!! That marks three months from the time that Ragnarok Online went offline. RO fans will know what that means!!

*cheers* Seven Days and then all attempts at schoolwork go to hell!! ^_^;; sad, but it's all too true. ^^

*sings along with Shuuichi* "Yuutsuna seven days!"

Oh, I also scanned my sheet of Invader Zim signatures.. ^^;; purely for s and g.. there are some pretty funny signatures on there. ^^

*yawwwwn* I'm up wayyy too early, but it's hard to sleep when there are at least 5 loud noisy helicopters flying over your apartment complex.. a car was found in the canal down the street, and even though it was supposedly empty, it's a big story this morning.. ^_^;;

oh well.. I hope to see Elvy this morning... if it gets too late, I'm just going to go to school and try to study, probably.. I really have to get some work done in that class.. well, we both do. ^^;; I'll probably skip my night class because my computer just can't render that stuff as quick as I need it for class, and I am going to spend the time working on the assignments due tomorrow morning.. I wanna get as good of a sleep as I can, so that I have tomorrow night to go play. =)
Current Mood: tired