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25 April 2003 @ 09:33 am
Welcome to my friends list, taijimana. ^.^ How did you find me? ^^

I had the weirdest dream.. I went to a convention in Portland instead of in Chicago.. and I drove there.. and it only took like... 6 hours or so? O-o.... It takes at least 2 days to drive there from here. At the very very very least, and that's only if you really hurry. ^^;

Anyways, the dream. I went to the con, and stoppe along the way, and I met some guy. I can't remember why I met him or anything. ^^; Then I made it to the con, went inside, and saw Jess going in! ^_^; She walked me in, past the registration, then I found out that I'd left my wallet in the car. So I went back out to the car, but I went out the wrong door and had to walk all the way around the hotel outside. It turned out that there was construction partway on this huge field, so I had to walk around that. For some reason it was really hard to walk, and it was snowy and cold. I struggles around the fence, and made it through a gap halfway through. But there was a big semi inside the field trying to get out that almost hit me sliding around. It left, and suddenly there was a bunch of people on the field playing soccer or footbal.. O-o One of them was the guy that I'd met!! I have no idea who whis guy is, it's not someone that I know... He came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder, and said "Hi! You're that girl!" All the other players (umm, there were only like 4) came up, and I said that I had to get to my car, which was for some reason now in this field off to the side. ^^; I went to my car and got my things, and everyone insisted on putting their things in the car. They had duffel bags and all sorts of things! O-o.. I moved them all to the trunk except for one girl's giant art portfolio, which I told her should stay inside.

That's when I woke up.

I thought I would write it down just so that I didn't forget it. I love dreams! ^^ Throughout this whole dream, I felt very tired.. but now that I'm up, I'm uber refreshed! ^^

Whee! Gonna haul my ass off to school soon so that I can play on the tablets! ^.^ Probably (hopefully) about 10ish, so I get there during break. ^^
Current Mood: refreshed
Current Music: Chicago - Overture All that Jazz
Mana Dillontaijimana on April 27th, 2003 05:59 am (UTC)
Hanya~~ vvv
Thanks for adding me to your friends list :D
Hmm~~ how did I find you? I was just looking through LJ's of friends of friends and added some of those who seem fun and interesting with similar intresrts ^.^

I'm so~~ happy that I got added in return! Thank you thank you vvv