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30 October 2002 @ 12:32 am
I was the turkey all along! Me!!!  
The Invader Zim party was awesome!! I had a blast, and we got a lot of inside information on the series and why it was cancelled.. there are also apparently a lot of hard feelings between Johnen and Nickelodeon, which he made pretty apparent. ^^

At the party, they treated us with several unaired episodes, which were cut for various reasons, and a totally hilarious X-mas special. ^^ But I think the best part was getting to ask the creator, Johnen Vasquez, and a bunch of the voice actors and crew from Invader Zim questions. They also treated us to several anecdotes from behind the scenes.. I would tell them all, but I want to share some pictures from the halloween party, so I'll limit it to my favorite.

Apparently there's an episode where there is a commercial for diarrhea during one of the episodes. In the original script, they had written that the commercial would be runny-looking brown words saying "diarrhea" would fly up and splatter on the screen. After turning in the script, they got a letter back from the censorship department saying that the word "diarrhea" could not be brown. It could be any other color, but not brown. So the cast changed the color to bright red, and the network was completely fine with that. because, you know, it's perfectly normal that we shite blood.. ^_^;;; lol, stupid censors. ^_^ In all, the party was a blast!! ^_^

Okay, on now with the party piccies!! ^_^ Well, Halloween ones ^_^ I haven't gotten the Invader Zim ones back yet, so, they'll come when we get them ^^

These are some of the piccies.. I picked the best out of the ones that I had. ^^ I took all of them unless noted otherwise. ^^ There are a lot, hence the lj-cut tag. ^^

Christine and Chrissy showing off their l33t pumpkin carving skills. ^^

Curtis, aka curtisleach, in his priestly attire. "Back, Demon, Back I say!" Yes, this is the one that soundsoft_elvy has a cruuuuush on. ^_^

Brad and Megan.. Their matching costumes just screamed out that pose. ^^

George dressed as the hentai teacher from Azumanga Daioh!! ROFLOL, the character fits him sooo well~~

Guess what Justin was dressed as.. a tech bunny.. get it? ha ha ha </sarcasm>

Kitty-boys! kawaii desu ne! ^^

Christine as the funniest fairy I've ever seen ^^

Brenda took this picture of me in my hogwarts costume ^_^

Our pumpkin goes up in flames ^_^;;

Curtis holding up what was left of our pinata. ^^

The pinata afterwards. ^^;

And after that.. ^^;; reeeeally gross looking.. ^^

George and Justin being very drunk.. ^^ They never would have posed like that if they weren't..

Hentai hat George!!

Justin said to pose... so I tried to do a pathetic look... who know's why.. ^^;; pity me! ^^;;

Curtis humps the punching bag!! Well, okay, he wasn't, but still... the picture just caught the right moment ^^

I asked Curtis what he was doing in this picture, and he said "Blah! I am reaching into my stomach! Blah!" (dracula voice) ^^;;

Yo yo mama ^^;;

It's ice cream on the spoon!! It really is! ^^;;; Oh yeah, this is Rachel, aka reichiere.

One of the cutest poses of Brenda, aka takuto_neko that I have ever seen. ^_^

Matt umm, punched Ron in the nose.. ^^;; except he didn't really punch him.. ^^;;

The pumpkin, the morning after. ^_^

Well, that's all for the party. ^_^ You can find more on the club website, but that's really the highlights of them all. ^_^ Next up will be the few pictures that we took at the Invader Zim party... there wasn't too many, though, and they're on traditional film, so they'll take a little longer. ^^

~hinoai signing out. ^^
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