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12 April 2003 @ 10:02 am
Hi-chan the eternal optomist  
---I wrote most of this late last night, finishing this morning---

I should be going to bed, but I just got home from a wonderful movie. Too bad that I couldn't concentrate on it all that much. I saw "What a Girl Wants." Really, I had it pegged as a teenybopper movie, and I was probably right. But I enjoyed it a lot and I will probably buy the DVD. I even almost cried at the end. Sentimental me. ^.^ I cry at a lot of movies.

Anyways, I spent a lot of time in the movie thinking about the Weiss RP that is currently in a state of arguing, and I realized that I want to talk about it. This might hurt some people to talk about them, but I won't mention names, so the rest of the world won't know who you are anyways. Please, remain in anonymity, because it's not my intention to hurt you. So you might not want to read this if you're involved.. just skip over it. Come on, just skip.

Now, granted, RPs are not the most important thing in the world. I enjoy them, especially as of late, but I could live without them and my life would be just as complete. I just rather enjoy a well-done one. But with that enjoyment, things in them can affect your mood, whether you like to admit this or not. So here I find myself sitting and thinking, and harboring the slightest feeling of being hurt by people in it. I also play host to a rather large amount of disappointment. I was enjoying this game a lot, but it does seem like things may not work out. I hate it when people have differences of opinion that stop gameplay, but this case, it was a very valid reason. If you're going to play a character that is an established character in a series, you cannot, no, CANNOT go and pull random powers out of your ass to save yourself. There are points where your character is just beyond the point of no return. Unfortunately, that happened with our Yohji, making Schuldig-mun,as well as myself and at least one other person mad. I think a lot of the other players may not even have an opinion. If Yohji-mun didn't want her character to die, then she should have not gotten him into so obvious a trap in the first place. I dealt with it when I killed off Omi. My Nagi had him backed into a situation where there was no conceivable way to get out, and I asked her before I killed him if it was okay. See, she was smart and let it be. You can't help it. She hadn't seen the signs earlier, or had thought that there would be a way out, but when it came down to doing the dirty deed, we had to go with what was obvious. Hey, folks, I play a villian, and that villian was hell-bent on killing the good guys. So if you don't want to get your character killed, I'd advise not to put your character in any sort of compromising situation. I was actually impressed with Omi-mun's cooperation in that case. I am even more impressed with her resolve to be a better RPer that came out of it. She's gotten Omi down very very well in the new Omi x Nagi thread that I started and I am loathe to leave the board because of that. It's great to see people grow like that! She gets major props from me. So yes, I laughed a great deal when I was using Nagi to lure Omi into a hotel room just to make him vulnerable, and once I had him good and secured (Omi thought it was just a kinky game ^^;) I finished him off. It felt a little empty, since Omi-mun obviously didn't realize that that was my intention although Nagi is evil and thought I made my interntions clear. Omi may have not known that Nagi intented to kill him, but he should have been more cautious. :P Of course, when you're horny, some people will still sleep with their worst enemies.. hehe. ^^ Omi-mun missed the signs, I think, though, because Nagi and Schuldig conferred on their plans before entering the club, and we tried to make as plain as day our intentions to the other players so that they wouldn't forget that we're bad guys.

It's the same way with the Omi x Nagi thread that I started, though. I've been enjoying Omi's performance in there, and I really look forward to more of it! He seems so close to home. And I did say that I want it to go into Omi x Nagi sooner or later, causing major angst on everyone's characters. Whee, angst! But that doesn't mean that I'll make it easy. ^.^ The fun and challenge is getting Nagi to do what I want while still letting the character be himself. Nagi is still a bad guy and a bad guy when captured by the enemy will try to kill them and escape. I would suggest that Nagi is kept in the dark about his location, and to do something about his powers. (umm, sedation? Or something to block them if there is anything like that). Because if he knows where he is, he'll tell Schuldig immediately and I'm sure that Schwarz will storm the place trying to get him back. And if he gets his powers working again, he's going to break out, and probably kill anyone that tries to stop him. And poo, I'm telling you this because I don't want the game to go that way.. there can be no Omi x Nagi that way, but I have to be true to the character. So Weiss needs to be really careful.. It will be hard but I think it will be a lot of fun.

Umm, why did I start talking about the threads? ^^;; Ara, I meant this as a general thought ramble about the game in itself and the players. ^^;; I noticed that a lot of the people that I have RPed with online are really sad, depressed people. Why is this? And they tend to like to hurt themselves.. why is that? I mean, why are people that involve themselves into roleplays so sad? A good roleplay makes me feel happy and giddy, maybe it doesn't work the same with everyone else? But you should also have other things in your life that make you happy. It gets depressing to see everyone else be depressed all the time. I know that I'm in general an optomist and I tend to see things brightly, and I'm also very very very easygoing so I brush a lot of things off. Some things just don't bother me. (Of course, some things do, and I do get depressed on occasion. I am human after all). But yeah.. cheer up people! I mean, just a little bit of sunshine in your life can't hurt. I love the night because I can gaze at the stars, but I love the daytime also because the sun is so bright and pretty that it makes me feel good. I love the morning for that reason. ^^;

Ah well.. I forgot what I wanted to say, because this is the next day when I'm finishing it. I think that Thena-chan said it better than me in her journal post about this, though. You can read her entry here. 'Thena-chan, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I wasn't there for the Void and the other old RPs that she talked about, but I share the same general sentiments on her on the most enjoyable way to do it. Not everyone agrees, but I would really like to get into a group that all feel the same way.

Hmm, I think Kyon-chan's new rules for the RP seem pretty fair. We'll see how this works.
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+ tempus . perdo . omnia +littletrowa on April 12th, 2003 11:37 am (UTC)
What a girl wants
I saw 'what a girl wants' too - but unlike you, me being the anti-mush bucket (heh) found the ending to be boring and annoying, wish they would have kept the entire thing funny.

heh. Is it just me, or did the main character remind you of Youji? He oddly reminded me of Youji and my Koi's sister's boyfriend Jay O_o and a little more Youji.

It's the whole hot-headed, egotistical woman's-man thing. Heh, heh, heh.

*snickers and falls over like a dead man*

^_^ The talking poodle was a plus. MAN I would HATE to hear women's thoughts. ^_~

Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on April 12th, 2003 12:46 pm (UTC)
Re: What a girl wants
Talking poodle? Did you see the same movie that I saw? ^^;;; The one I saw was about a girl that goes to England to find her dad.. a little predictable at times, but I did really like it. :P
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on April 12th, 2003 03:22 pm (UTC)
Re: What a girl wants
Nyaa.. I just figured it out.. You're talking about the Mel Gibson movie, "What Women Want," aren't you? :P The titles are so close, it's easy to mix them up, but the movie that I saw last night was a different one. ^^
キモさ満々♡ 미친 외국인: ken & omidilettantka on April 12th, 2003 11:43 am (UTC)
Heh... *blush blush* Thanks for the compliment. I felt bad about that thread because I didn't realise Nagi was *really* going to kill Omi, lol, but I had put him in a dumb situation. So I wanted to improve my rp'ing because (a) I should have read things more closely, (b) it wasn't very in character for Omi to do that. I was just having fun with him, but I totally agree with you that a RP is better and more satisfying when you stay in character. It's much more realistic that way! I felt really guilty for letting my boy down ;_; but there wasn't anything else that could have happened at that point. Omi is just Omi, and I had made it clear that he couldn't reach his weapons (to make it more exciting, lol, what the hell was I thinking?)

However, I do have an interest in Nagi x Omi in the sense that Omi DOES have a dark side, and part of that would be explored in how he relates to Nagi. I think he might see Nagi as his counterpart, if Omi stopped feeling the things he did, which is what I tried to bring out in that thread. In other words, I don't think it was *totally* OOC, but it needed more development, not just one thread like that. So Nagi x Omi could go two ways... it could be Omi bringing Nagi's good side out, or Nagi bringing Omi's dark side out. If Nagi cared, lol ... ^^

I hope the RP doesn't fall apart... it's quite different from other ones I've done, but it seems to be a lot of very good writers. :/
athenazandrite on April 12th, 2003 12:00 pm (UTC)
I really liked your ghost post!! That was freaking funny! You really did do a major turnabout in acting like omi between that thread and the Kittens one. It was impressive. I told hi-chan that when I saw it too. You have a little omi in there trying to get out XD

Man don't I know how hard it is to get characters that you put IN character to yaoi sometimes. Our Kuroro Kurapica one lasted AGES before it got even near a point where Kuroro didn't have to force himself on Kurapica and they're kind of friendly now.

Old RP we were in... had Brad x Farf in it and was in character X_x It was freaking amazing.
キモさ満々♡ 미친 외국인: delishdilettantka on April 12th, 2003 12:22 pm (UTC)
lol, thank you so much. ^_^;; I'm trying to find a happy medium between acting with actions, thoughts and dialogue.. if that makes sense. I was definitely missing the Omi-like *actions* and physical reflexes in the earlier thread.

Yeah, it's that whole staying in character and making it believable stuff that gets in the way of all the smut. >:PPPP It's easier of course in a fan fic (I specialise in the PWP, lol), but it still has to have some logic to it.

*trying to picture Brad x Farf* Damn.
Hi-chan (火ちゃん): Nagi Kumagarou Beamhinoai on April 12th, 2003 03:35 pm (UTC)
eheheee.. I am all for good smut! I've been known to read and rp some PWPs in my day.. though I prefer stuff that's got at least some semblance of plot to it. :P I rather like angsty plots myself, the more angst the better! Whee!! ^__^

About Omi x Nagi and dark sides.. you have a point there, I hadn't really thought of it before.. but Omi's a Takatori after all, and it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to make him eeeevil. *eg* It would just take a lot of character development. Same as it would to make Nagi a real good boy. Whee! Much fun either way! =^__^=

*bounces around* Yaoi while staying in character is fun! Even though it's sometimes hard. *pokes Kuroro* You evil boy, you had to rape him to get some! ~_~;;

Kuroro: *sweatdrops* You were the one that wrote it. You could have at least wrote me enjoying it more.. and what is this about me becoming friends with Kurapica? Do I get something out of this or is it more of your sick fantasy?

Hi-chan: *claps hand over Kuroro's mouth and shoves him back in the closet* A heh heh...... *sweatdrops*

Oookay, now back to your regularly scheduled programming.. =^__^=