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05 April 2003 @ 09:23 am
I feel weird this morning... I don't know, sort of anxious, I just don't know about what. ^^;;

I downloaded the Kingdom Hearts OST.. I really should see if I can find the international mix in a store somewhere, because I would like some of the things that are on it that nobody just seems to have. ^^;;

Yesterday I spent the day at soundsoft_elvy's! As always, it was much fun, though I did have a spell in the middle of the day where I got really tired. ^^;; hitokiri_naveed was there too, and the three of us bummed around and looked at video games for a while. Then later on, Elvy and I got some dinner and watched Shakespeare in Love! Omg, that is the greatest movie!!!! It was funny and romantic, and of course all of the many many MANY shonen-ai shots were icing on the cake! Gweneth Paltrow makes a really good looking boy!! =^__^= I will have to buy that movie! We spent a little more time giggling and talking about things, until I had to go home. I was soooo tired.. probably because I haven't been doing all that much this week. ^^;; I took the wrong way home and ended up takng about 20 minutes longer on the drive than I normally do. ^^;; But it's all good, I ended up in the right place! ^.^ I'd wanted to watch the ending of Full Moon before I went to bed, but I was just too tired.. oh well, that I will do in just a moment! ^^

Today, the plans are.. I don't know. ^^;; I think I am going to go visit Eli in the hospital with reichiere.. I hope that he is getting better.. I haven't had a chance to go visit in a long time. Also want to go shopping with her too, though I think she might have already gone yesterday.. I hope that she still wants to go! I waited especially for Saturday like she asked! ^^ I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally need those new pants! I want some cute ones this time! Of course, it's hard to find ones that I can afford since they have to be tall ones.. I also need to look for boots for my Kuroro outfit.. I think that I'll have to put in the episodes so that I can figure out their color.. I'd thought they were black, but on my figurine they're brown... So we'll see......

Well, gonna go watch fullmoon and try not to feel so nauseous! ^^; I guess I should grab something to eat too...
Current Mood: weird
Current Music: Utada Hikaru - Hikari -PLANITb Remix- (Short Edit)