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31 March 2003 @ 12:13 pm
This has been a long weekend...  
Finals are over, so after three weeks of stressing out over getting projects done, here I am on my much-anticipated Spring break. ^__^ I'm enjoying it a lot so far, though I did make the mistake (?) of packing a lot of activities into my first few days..

I haven't got the grades back from my classes, but I'm pretty sure that they're high enough to keep my gpa in the honors range. At least I hope so. There was a while where I dipped down for a bit, but I put my act back together and pulled them back up. If I go crazy, I might post some of my final projects here. Though I don't like showing my schoolwork in progress. ^^;

Well, let's start at the beginning. After my last class on Thursday, I was very tired and burned out. I rested most of Thursday afternoon and watched the newest GTO dvd, some of the Idol Project dub, and some Kare Kano until I just fell asleep on the couch from exhaustion. The next day I slept in and then hauled my butt off to the AAWL for my usual volunterring. I just love working with the animals! I finished up most of a mural that I was helping paint in the "chill-out room," and then said hi to all of the dogs (I am such a dog person) and helped out a little bit in the cattery cleaning some cages for the charity dinner they were hosting on Satuday.

I was beat after that. Went home and relaxed, RPed some and get up early the next morning for Anime Club. I talked to a bunch of friends and had to leave everything in Justin's hands and leave early for the Evening to Paws benefit that the AAWL put on. Rachel and I were volunteers, and it was really interesting getting to dress up really fancy! I wore an almost floor-length green velvet dress and black sandals. I've gained some weight since I bought the dress, but it didn't look too bad as it was. ^^ I was rather happy, and the benefit was a lot of fun! We were put to work assisting the photographer, so we directed people to get their pictures taken with the dogs and cats. And on occasion, I had to stand there and try to get the kittens to actually look at the camera. ^^;; There was a whole cage of kittens that people kept oo-ing and aah-ing over.. it was sooooo cute! A few little spats broke out between the dogs (don't get Emmett next to April!!) but there was nothing major. I loved seeing all of the guests all dressed up in their best clothes. It was great!! I wish that I had taken a picture of myself dressed up, but I know that some other people did, so if I get a copy of theirs, then I'll post links to them later. ^^ Well, anyways, it got rather cold out when the sun set, and we stopped taking pictures and just moved inside to help organize the items in the auction. Rachel and I left a bit early because we were reeeeally tired and could barely stand up anymore. But I really enjoyed the experience! I came home, RPed and chatted online a little bit, then passed out on my bed from exhaustion. Oh, BTW, here is a picture of the cage of kittens! It's the only decent picture that I took.. (out of two, :P)

Sunday, managed to get myself up and to Amanda and Tiffiny's house only a half hour late. I swear, I'm always late when I go there! ^_^;; We had a blast!!!! They taught me the Electric slide (I am sooooooooo bad!!... then again, I had cramps off and on..). But I had fun doung that, then we milled around talking until dinner. After dinner we went into their hot tub! It was just what I needed.. a nice long soak that turned my skin all wrinkly. And they had lights in there that kept changing colors!! =^__^= The red made the water look scary, but all in all it was really neat! ^^ Then we sat around and watched some Utena, and finally went to bed. Though Amanda and I didn't sleep, we stayed up talking until about 3, I think.. ^_^;; But at least we got a lot more sleep than we did last time! (6 hours as opposed to 1 1/2 before). We completely forgot to taste her flavored condoms! ^_^;; But it's something to look forward to next time! We also both want our Kuroro x Kurapica RP to go the same way, and are both frustrated that we can't get the characters to do what we want!! *fwaps Kuroro* We want them to get all cuddly and have loving yaoisex!! Of course, only with much work will that ever happen. ^^;; No alcohol this time for them! There are a few ideas floating around in my head for the characters, but I think that it will take a long time to get around to that for them. It has already taken so long as it is, and they're only at the point where they don't hate each other anymore, and there is a tentative trust forming.. well, eventually. ^^;; I still want to end the story the same way, but we have a long way to go first. ^^; For those that haven't read it, parts 1 and 2 are here. Part 3 is here, but it's not quite done being edited. It's weird for me going back through to read the old parts of the rp.. we're so far past this stuff!!

^__^ Anyways, I had a blast as I always do at their house!! It's kind of disappointing to come home to this empty apartment after all of that.. Eric's at school, Ron is at work.. Brenda and Mando went home for the break. The only ones here besides me are my kittty Sora and my two goldfish Omi and Nagi. ^^; But as boring as that was, I had an email from Shannon sitting in my inbox! I was so surprised that I nearly dropped everything right there! And SO HAPPY! I was thinking about her the other day, too! I miss her and all of my old friends a lot. There are some that I keep in contact with, but I've really lost touch with some of them. It's very sad. But I was so happy to hear from her that I sat and wrote her a long letter in reply! ^__^ I am going to make a real effort to keep in better touch with her, because she is one of the people that I remember most fondly from my high school days. I love her a lot! *huggles her*

Oh well, this is getting reeeeeeeeeeally long!! I'm going to maybe get online and chat, then completely laze around the rest of the day! Tomorrow my project is to clean up the apartment, so today is lazy day! ^.^ Jya!
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Torn between Heaven and Helljtwist on March 31st, 2003 05:02 pm (UTC)
*Fanning self more over the RP* Oh my! I can't wait for part 4! I can't wait to see what happens next.
Torn between Heaven and Hell: Animejtwist on March 31st, 2003 05:07 pm (UTC)
Looking over your York Auction page... I wouldn't mind joining, but I don't know enough about the characters of HxH to feel confident that I'd be playing right....

Lainey: neutral - girl in bluetaiirei on March 31st, 2003 07:57 pm (UTC)
waaaai.... *sniff*

*faces another 10 weeks of uni b4 end of semester...*