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28 October 2002 @ 12:04 am
*stretches and yawns*  
I wonder when Elvy is going to fly back... sounds like she had an interesting time of it all! ^^ I wanna hear it all from her in person =)

Hmmm, I haven't really been in the mood to be on the computer for a while.. I guess being completely sore everywhere below your waist can kind of deter you. ^^:; I was enjoying laying on the couch vegging out as much as you can while your muscles feel like they want to shrivel up and die.. ^^;; Oh well... near as I can tell, it's because I drank more alcohol than I'm used to, then played some mean rounds of DDR, and fell asleep on the floor... well, not like there was anywhere else.. Matt and Jason don't have any furniture, including couches or beds.. O.o;;; that, and I forgot a pillow.. ^^:;;

Lol, now that the complaining is over, all about the first annual University of Anime Otaku halloween party. =) It was a TON of fun!! Costumes were mandatory, and some of them were really well done, some were.. well, let's just say that minimal effort was put into them..oh well, either way, the best thing is that I got pictures of them all!! ^_^ I took everyone aside and had them do a pose or two in the backyard, as in-character as I could. =) Brenda took a few pictures of me in my costume as well.. ^^;; I looked really evil in them tho.. ^^:; I was dressed as a Hogwarts student (from Harry Potter).. I don't know which costume was my favorite, though the winners of the costume contest were two guys that dressed up like cat-boys.. =^^= They didn't put a lot of effort into their costumes, but they were soooo cute that nobody had a chance against them! ^^ I took a few really cute pictures of them posing as kitties. =) Now to think of it, they would make GREAT yaoi fodder!! -_- why didn't I think of it sooner? *fwaps self on head* Hmm, now I need to remember their names.. they're kind of new members, so I have a hard time remembering their names.. ^^:; Oh, and I adored George's costume!! Well, it's not the costume that impressed me, it was the poses.. lol, he dressed up as the perverted teacher from Azumanga Daioh, and _finally_ I got him to pose for me with his mouth hanging open, just like in the anime!! ^_^ Oh, and after he got really drunk, I got him to put a handkerchief around his head and under his nose just like the hentai characters all wear! ^^ It kind of was falling off when I took the picture, but it's cute nonetheless. ^^ Oh, btw, George is an obnoxious drunk.. I already knew this, but somehow I seem to forget in between times.. ^^;;

All the time while I was taking pictures like crazy, the house was beginning to fill up fast. Matt's house is kinda small, and even though he doesn't have furniture, there was nowhere near enough room for the twenty-some people that showed up.. ^^;; It was also quite toasty inside, which was part of the reason to take pics outside. ^^; Anyways, I brought two pumpkins that Crissy and Christine happily attacked with knives. =) I think that they intended to turn them into kitty-pumpkins, but went a little overboard.. then they decided that it would be hilarious to pour everclear on them and set them on fire.. ^^;; Matt didn't mind at all, he's sort of a pyromaniac himself.. So, the pumpkin went up in a little bonfire in the backyard..^^;; but that's nothing compared to the pinata.. but more on that later. ^^:

Alright, the alcohol.. I'm sure that I made this sound like it was some big alcohol-infested drunken party, but it really wasn't. A lot of people didn't drink at all, and the majority of people that drank (including myself) only had a few drinks.. I'm not sure what the first drink that Ron mixed for me was called, but it was surprisingly sweet.. I had a couple glasses of that, then part of a brain-destroyer. The last one was a little too hard for me, but I was kind of getting into it, and very lightly buzzed, so I gave in. ^^;; I don't seem to get really drunk. I guess part of it is that I don't like the taste of alcohol, so I keep it light if I drink at all.. ^^; It's actually more fun to watch the people that drink too much.. George was nowhere near the worst.. sure, he drank enough so that he actually started posing for yaoi-ish shots for me.. ^^:; but Tiem and Justin were probably the worst. Justin passed out pretty early on in the night. Tiem, though, drank a lot from the get go, and didn't stop until he was forced. He swears up and down that he never passed out, but he doesn't remember any of the stuff that Chrissy did to him while he was "resting his eyes" in the living room (trust me, you don't want to know) . Eventually, Ron and Matt dragged him forcefully into the garage and locked him in. Every time someone opened the doo, he made a mad dash for it.. it was actually kind of funny, especially considering that he was so drunk that he didn't realize that he could have always opened the garage door to get out. ^^

We had a lot of fun games running that night. I felt kind of stupid for forgetting about bobbing for apples.. we brought the apples, and I found them in the sink in the morning.. but oh well. :P Curtis brought Lunch Money, which has got to be one of the most fun card games ever! The premise is that you're a bunch of catholic school girls fighting for each other's lunch money. ^^ The best game of the night was when we got all the girls to play together, though. ^^ We can be so ruthless to each other!! ^_^ Ooh, and one of the funniest events of the night was the pinata. I now know why George kept what the pinata was a secret.. because it was a Pikachu!! ^_^: A lot of the people in club hate Pokemon, so it was quite the sight to see them bashing the hell outta him.. ^^ I actually like Pikachu, but it was still a lot of fun.. and after Matt beheaded it with a really tough swing, he doused it in kerosene and it went up in yet another bonfire.. ^^;; The pictures came out a little fuzzy, but when I put them up, you'll get the jist of it. ^^

Oh, and speaking of pictures, Jason said that he would upload them to the club server from work tomorrow, so I'll post a link and maybe a few of my favorites here. ^^ I can't wait!! There are some hilarious shots!! ^^

Well, you pretty much get the idea of what a UAO party is like.. this was a lot more wild than our usual parties, which are usually lan parties, but it was a welcome change. =)

The total club funds damage for the party was just shy of $200... we're almost broke, but it was well worth the expense =)

Well, this is Jamie signing out. ^_^ at least for the moment... because I can't seem to stay away from this livejournal thing. ^^
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