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27 October 2002 @ 11:54 am
*yawwwwwns* I am soooooo tired... I keep forgetting to bring pillows and blankets to UAO parties... and they always last all night..

Oh, but it was a fuuuuuun party! We had a blast!!I also got some great pictures! I couldn't get Curtis with a gun, though, gomen ne Elvy.. but I did get a few others shots of him.. one in particular that I know you'll love!! Jason said that he would upload them from work tomorrow. =) I took a lot of other great pics too! ^_^

Oh man, here I was going to write a long account of the party, but I find that I don't have the concentration skills that are required... so I'll just do it later.. until then, ja! ^^

~jamie ^^
Current Mood: exhausted
Elvy: Monkey Cheekssoundsoft_elvy on October 27th, 2002 11:03 am (UTC)
How did I have that feeling that we were going to post about our parties at the same time??? ROFLOL!!

YAY! Piccies!! Arigatou!! I hope you got some of you and everyone else, ne ne ne?? ^_^