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25 March 2003 @ 12:16 am
Kuroro x Kurapica  

athenazandrite cleaned and posted part 3 of our Kuroro x Kurapica Rp.. it's really really long, but quite smutty.. and violent at parts. No rape scene yet, but not for Kuroro's lack of trying. ^^; Beware, though.. there is a lot of yaoi in here, and no small amount of violence. The question gets answered, "What would happen if Kuroro decided to attack Kurapica with the restrictions on him still?" Well, that would! ^.^

Read it here --> Kuroro x Kurapica: A meeting of enemies, part 3

In other news... I'm exhausted. Physically and emotionally. Well, it makes it easier to play a nasty Kuroro.. not that I have a whole lot of time to RP right now.. -_-.. but as long as I make it through these next three days (and I will! ^.^) then I'm home free and on SPRING BREAK!!! I can't wait!!!!! =^__^= My mom mentioned maybe getting me a plane ticket home.. that would be really nice, though I doubt it will happen. ^^; But it's nice to think of.. I also want to plan something fun with EVERYONE here over break! Sure it's only a week, but it's my week! Let's catch up on all the fun that I've been missing!!!!! =^___________^=

athenazandrite has also been writing a really really awesome Hisoka x Illumi fic for me! Read it here and then tell her your comments in her journal! I adore her writing style.. and she makes the characters so believable in their interest for each other! I like!! Really really like! Hisoka and Illumi make an interesting pair indeed.. another pair that I'm starting to get really interested in is Hisoka x Kuroro.. I hope Kuroro gets his nen back and gets to fight Hisoka soon.. -_- Lol and you know, Kuroro x Pakunoda.. would have been very cute back in the day. ^.^ She was so in love with him.

Alright..... *slinks off to go work on homework now* Must get some manga pages done, then get up and get to school at 7. *frowns* pleh.
Current Mood: drained